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Stories for the 2016 Jack/Daniel Ficathon will be due this Tuesday, July 12, by midnight central time USA.

In a day or so a post will go up here with reminders and instructions on how to post your story.

Let your admins know if you have any questions -- comment here or email one of us.

Can't wait!

Also don't forget about the After Party! Reminders and instructions about that coming soon as well.

IMPORTANT: Email Princessofgeeks at hotmail ASAP if you know you will not make the deadline. If your story has not posted by the deadline and you have not emailed her, the admins will assume you have dropped out and proceed accordingly. One writer has already let the admin know she will be posting a bit late, which is okay within reason.

Thank you all for participating! I know the stories will be yummy.
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Below are some basic posting instructions. If you're still uncertain about the process, AO3 has a tutorial for posting new works to collections and challenges.

The main page for this year's 2016 ficathon, Lucky XIII, can be found here.

The overall page for the umbrella collection of all the Jack/Daniel Ficathons is here.

Posting Before the Due Date
If it's before the due date, please post directly to the current year's subcollection (so that we can reveal all the works together). Go to the subcollection's page and click the button POST TO COLLECTION. This will load the Post New Work page as usual, with the collection already filled in. Don't forget to include your recipient's name in the 'Gift this work to' field!

Posting On/After the Due Date
If you're uploading the work to AO3 for the first time, you can do either of the following: (a) Click the POST TO COLLECTION button at that year's collection (as described above). (b) Click the POST NEW button on your Dashboard, and put the collection name (jd_ficathon_xiii) in the Post to Collections/Challenges field. Don't forget to include your recipient's name in the 'Gift this work to' field! (It's OK to include even if they don't have an AO3 account.)

If you're adding a work that's already posted to the archive, all you need to do is connect the existing work to the collection. To do that, go to the work's page. Right above the comment area on that page, there's a row of buttons, including Add to Collections. Click that button, in the input field start typing "jd_ficathon" -- without the quotation marks and with the underscore -- and pick the year/number you wrote the fic for from the dropdown list. If the system doesn't offer to autocomplete the collection name, type it in yourself. This year's name is jd_ficathon_xiii. (For prior year's collections names, see the Collection FAQ.)


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