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Thank you

I wanted to close out this year's ficathon by thanking some people. Turnover on comms and ficathons and thingathons is inevitable and natural, but it was so hard to say goodbye to Sid!!!

[personal profile] eilidh17 and [personal profile] magickmoons joined as co-admins and helped so much with spreading the word, handling the LJ side, disseminating art and handling the logistics of the AO3 collection.

[personal profile] sallymn made this year's beautiful and striking icon and banner.

And thank you as well to the betas! You know who you are.

The wonderful work of our 18 writers is in the master list here, and the wonderful work of the artists who participated in the After Party is here.

Until next year!
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"After Party" Master List

Once again this year we held an After Party, after the ficathon itself, for any and all related fanworks. Two artists found some inspiration!

[personal profile] antares_dw made three wonderful story covers:

First, cover art for her own story, Finding the Perfect Moment...

Then, cover art for A Feast for King Arkhan... by [personal profile] lunabee34...

and Friends by Carlyn.

[personal profile] mific made cover art for my story, A Gate Through Time.

Let me know if I left anyone out, and thank you for participating!
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[personal profile] eilidh172016-08-28 10:56 pm
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Master List Update for 2016 J/D Ficathon

Hello everyone,

I've updated the master list with the final few stories.  You can find it here:  2016 Master list


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After Party for Jack/Daniel Ficathon

This announcement is a bit late, but I want to remind everyone about the After Party for complementary fanworks, to allow people who create fanworks other than fanfic to participate! All fanfic writers who sign up for the ficathon were asked whether they give permission for other artists to create related fanworks after the stories have posted. All said Yes!

The deadline for these complementary works is 9 August 2016.

To announce your complementary work for the After Party, join the J/D ficathon community on DW, and then post to the community with a link to your work. Please include the title and author of the fanfic to which your work is related (and include the link if possible). If you need help joining, or don't usually use Dreamwidth, please contact the admins so that we can announce your fic for you on DW and link to it in the AO3 collection.
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Late Writers Roundup

One of your admins, Princess of Geeks, is writing late but I am doing okay now after several false starts and should post sometime this week.

Can you other late writers check in here in a comment and tell us how you are doing? We would love to hear from green grrl, magick, and rivulet.

We are cheering you! And I'm cheering me as well!

Also I need to post about the After Party too. *makes note*
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Master List: Jack/Daniel Ficathon XIII (2016)

This is the Master Post for the Jack/Daniel Ficathon XIII

Happy Birthday To Us by [personal profile] mific  for[personal profile] riverfox  NC-17 


Between Black and White by [personal profile] eilidh17  for[personal profile] svana_vrika  PG-13 


Reflections by [personal profile] alobear  for[personal profile] melime  PG-13 


Reunion by [personal profile] riverfox  for[personal profile] magickmoons  NC-17 


The Evening Sings in a Voice of Amber by [personal profile] jdjunkie  for[personal profile] princessofgeeks  Adult 


A Feast for King Arkhan, First of His Name by [personal profile] lunabee34  for[personal profile] eilidh17  NC-17 


When Jack moved to Washington by [personal profile] topazowl  for [archiveofourown.org profile] carlyn7865 n/a 

Finding the Perfect Moment by [personal profile] antares_dw  for[personal profile] rivulet027  (AO3) PG-13 


Out and Away from Under by [personal profile] svana_vrika  for[personal profile] mific  NC-17 


President Allen by [personal profile] melime  for[personal profile] alobear  PG-13 


Friends by [archiveofourown.org profile] carlyn7865 for [personal profile] jdjunkie  PG 

Midsummer Walk by [personal profile] elaiel  for[personal profile] green_grrl  PG-13 


Through Another’s Eyes by [personal profile] badfalcon  for[personal profile] elaiel  PG-13 

A Taste of Responsibility by[personal profile] eilidh17 and[personal profile] magnavox_23 for[personal profile] topazowl NC-17

Affinity by [personal profile] rivulet027  for [personal profile] genitalgrievous   NC-17

Adjustments by [personal profile] magickmoons  for [personal profile] badfalcon   PG

The Briar Patch by [personal profile] green_grrl  for [personal profile] lunabee34   PG 

A Gate Through Time by [personal profile] princessofgeeks  for [personal profile] antares_dw   PG 


This list will be updated as soon as the remaining stories are posted.   Many thanks to everyone who participated.  Your efforts are most appreciated. 


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Posting Instructions for Ficathon XIII

Today's the day!

You can post the entire fic here, behind a cut, or post it anywhere you'd like and link to it here.

Also, don't forget about the collection for this year's fic on Archive of Our Own. See this post for instructions.

We've already had some writers request extensions. If you are unable to post before midnight tonight, please email Princessofgeeks at hotmail ASAP.

Last, the posting format:

Subject Line: Fic: Story Title

Word Count:
Written For:

Please use MPAA ratings for consistency. Use your judgment on how your story should be rated.

Stories should be tagged by author, recipient, genre, rating, and season. Use the tags provided. If the tag you need isn't there, drop us a note and the admins will make it for you.

So, a story from a few years ago would have looked something like this:

Subject Line: Fic: Misunderstanding
Tags: author:melayneseahawk, writee:faerie_mistress, genre:action/adventure, genre:romance, rating:nc-17, season:any

Title: Misunderstanding
Author: [personal profile] melayneseahawk
Summary: You're a much better damsel in distress than Carter. I guess it's because you have more practice.
Word Count: 3193 words
Rating: NC-17 (graphic m/m sex)
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: faerie_mistress
Prompt: Requirements: Action/ adventure, the rest of the team should be involved in the plot line to some degree; Optional Request: Higher end rating (MA15+ or higher please), angst; Restrictions: No AU/ really OOC main characters, Neither Jack or Daniel should die (although Ascension doesn't really count as dying). Also, aliens did NOT make them do it.
Notes: Many, many thanks to trelkez for the extension, and to starkravingsane, brainofck, and theemdash for the beta-reading, for without them this fic would ne'er have seen the light of day.

If you have any questions, email princessofgeeks at hotmail dot com.

Can't wait! :D
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Posting to This Year's "Jack/Daniel Ficathon" Collection on Archive of Our Own

Below are some basic posting instructions. If you're still uncertain about the process, AO3 has a tutorial for posting new works to collections and challenges.

The main page for this year's 2016 ficathon, Lucky XIII, can be found here.

The overall page for the umbrella collection of all the Jack/Daniel Ficathons is here.

Posting Before the Due Date
If it's before the due date, please post directly to the current year's subcollection (so that we can reveal all the works together). Go to the subcollection's page and click the button POST TO COLLECTION. This will load the Post New Work page as usual, with the collection already filled in. Don't forget to include your recipient's name in the 'Gift this work to' field!

Posting On/After the Due Date
If you're uploading the work to AO3 for the first time, you can do either of the following: (a) Click the POST TO COLLECTION button at that year's collection (as described above). (b) Click the POST NEW button on your Dashboard, and put the collection name (jd_ficathon_xiii) in the Post to Collections/Challenges field. Don't forget to include your recipient's name in the 'Gift this work to' field! (It's OK to include even if they don't have an AO3 account.)

If you're adding a work that's already posted to the archive, all you need to do is connect the existing work to the collection. To do that, go to the work's page. Right above the comment area on that page, there's a row of buttons, including Add to Collections. Click that button, in the input field start typing "jd_ficathon" -- without the quotation marks and with the underscore -- and pick the year/number you wrote the fic for from the dropdown list. If the system doesn't offer to autocomplete the collection name, type it in yourself. This year's name is jd_ficathon_xiii. (For prior year's collections names, see the Collection FAQ.)
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Stories for the 2016 Jack/Daniel Ficathon will be due this Tuesday, July 12, by midnight central time USA.

In a day or so a post will go up here with reminders and instructions on how to post your story.

Let your admins know if you have any questions -- comment here or email one of us.

Can't wait!

Also don't forget about the After Party! Reminders and instructions about that coming soon as well.

IMPORTANT: Email Princessofgeeks at hotmail ASAP if you know you will not make the deadline. If your story has not posted by the deadline and you have not emailed her, the admins will assume you have dropped out and proceed accordingly. One writer has already let the admin know she will be posting a bit late, which is okay within reason.

Thank you all for participating! I know the stories will be yummy.
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Your admin Princess is back from a week-long or so trip. Any questions or concerns? Let me know! July 12 is the deadline for posting fic. An update post on how to do that will be up in a few days.

How is everyone doing?

See the last post on this community for inquiries or offers about betas for fic.

It's going to be a great ficathon!
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16 days to go ... are you ready for a beta?

Hi, Jack/Daniel fans and writers.... July 12 is coming up.

Comment here if you would like to offer your services as a beta, or if you need a beta.

Remember when working with a beta be very clear on what you are looking for -- pacing? content? characterization? spelling and punctuation? USA-picking? military issues?

My panic level is approaching orange, but I'm okay. I think.
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[admin post] Admin Post: Assignment emails are out!

We have 18 writers who signed up for the 2016 Jack/Daniel Ficathon!

You should have just received your email giving you your assignment. If you didn't receive it, let princessofgeeks know asap and she will resend.

Stories are due July 12.

(There will also be an After Party for all types of related fanworks, and all writers have given permission for such related works to be made for their stories! Hurray! If you would like to do a related work, take a look at the prompts in the comments to this post and start mulling over your ideas. After Party works can be posted through August 9 after the fics post.)

I am so excited about this year's event. So many wonderful writers, and some great and intriguing prompts!

Jack/Daniel 4 evah!
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Signups closed

Signups are now closed for the main ficathon. I will be matching writers with requests over the next two days. Watch your email for your assignment on June 2.

Remember this year we are doing an After Party for any and all related fanworks!

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Deadline today

Hi all -- just a reminder that tonight at midnight Central Time in the USA is the deadline for signing up for the ficathon!

All are welcome and we love new writers!

Remember there will also be an After Party for related fan works!

Signup post is here.
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Prompts are open for the Jack/Daniel Ficathon for 2016! This is a fic exchange. Comment to sign up on this post.

Deadline for signing up to write is midnight USA Central Time on May 31.

There will also be an After Party for visual artists and all other kinds of non-text fic! (Though fic can also be written for the After Party.)

Lots of yummy prompts already.
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banner and icon!

Hi, all... the lovely and talented sallymn has made a banner and an icon for the ficathon for 2016.

I am not very good at all at manipulating images, so bear with me.

She has posted them as a comment to this post.

Admins who are handling various platforms for this ficathon, please snag them and spread them around!

I will put the icon in the list of icons for this comm's journal and put in on appropriate posts. I know how to do that much at least!

Let me know if you need anything in that regard.

Thanks to you all!!!!!
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2016 Jack/Daniel Ficathon -- Lucky XIII


Sign-Ups Are Open: 10 May - 31 May 2016
Assignments Out: 2 June 2016
Stories Due: 12 July 2016
After Party: Complementary Fanworks (With Fic Author Permission) Due: 9 Aug 2016

If you can help us spread the word, please do!

So, how does this work?
~ This is a fic exchange. You will sign up by giving details of the kind of fic you would like to have someone create for you. You will commit to write a fic for someone else. Princessofgeeks will read all the signup comments and match fic writers with requests.
~ Comment on this post to sign up (the format is below). You don't have to have a Dreamwidth account to participate. All signups will be handled here on Dreamwidth. Assignments will be sent out via e-mail. Stories will be due 12 July 2016. However, if you finish early, you can post and we'll leave your story in the moderation queue until the day the ficathon opens.
~ Keep your assignment secret until the deadline. We do suggest you get a beta. Options for getting a beta will be covered in a future post, or you can email or message the admins at any time about locating a beta.
~ If you have any questions about your assignment, contact [personal profile] princessofgeeks, or another admin, not the person you're writing for.
~ Stories must be at least 1000 words, but there is no upper limit.
~ Feel free to post either here in the comm, or somewhere else with a link to your story. More details about posting will be spelled out closer to the deadline.
~ Join the comm on Dreamwidth in order to post an announcement of your fic, or the fic itself. If you aren't normally a user of Dreamwidth, contact an admin when you post your fic so that we can announce your fic here and link to it. All comm members have immediate posting access, but posting is moderated so that the fic will all go live the same day.

After Party

This year, we will again hold an After Party for complementary fanworks, to allow people who create fanworks other than fanfic to participate! All fanfic writers who sign up for the ficathon will be asked whether they give permission for other artists to create related fanworks after the stories have posted.

Fan artists of all types are encouraged and urged to take a look at the signup comments and note which fan writers have given permission for complementary works to be posted during the After Party.

The deadline for these complementary works is 9 August 2016.

To announce your complementary work for the After Party, join the J/D ficathon community on DW, and then post to the community with a link to your work. Please include the title and author of the fanfic to which your work is related (and include the link if possible). If you need help joining, or don't usually use Dreamwidth, please contact the admins so that we can announce your fic for you on DW and link to it in the AO3 collection.

Crossposting Policy for Fic

~ Stories may be hosted on Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Archive of Our Own, or any other website. Stories may be hosted on more than one site, but please provide all links when you announce your fic. We are planning an AO3 collection for the 2016 ficathon; details will be announced as they become available. We will also create a Master List on Dreamwidth for all the stories and all the complementary works in the After Party.
~ You may announce your story anywhere you post.

Defaulting, Dropping, and Extensions

~ If you drop out without emailing princessofgeeks at hotmail dot com, you will be banned from participation for the following year.
~ If you need more time to finish, simply email princessofgeeks at hotmail dot com. There will be a reasonable deadline for late fic, after which a pinch hitter will be recruited to write for your recipient. If something comes up and you can't complete the ficathon, just let princessofgeeks know in advance of the deadline, so your recipient will get a fic from someone! We want everyone who signs up to receive a story.

For the after party, there is no signup necessary. Post an announcement of your work, by the deadline, in the DW community. That's it. A master post of complementary fanworks created for the After Party will be posted to the DW community after the deadline.

Sign-Up Form

Here is the sign-up form for fic. You can specify two things that MUST be in your story, and one optional thing that you'd like to be in your story. Also answer the IMPORTANT question: Are you willing for someone to create related fanwork(s) for your story for the After Party? You must answer YES or NO to this question. If you leave that out, the mods will hound you for an answer!

Your two requirements should be limited to items from this list (you do not need to include all these):

* a prompt, which might be a setting (examples: "an ice planet at night", "a plane trip to D.C.", "the Land of Light"), an object (ex.: "a letter", "a dog", "a new car"), a line of dialogue (ex.: "And then I shot her!"), and so on.
* an episode or season: for example, "Beneath the Surface" or "season 5"
* a genre: action/adventure, angst, established relationship, first time, humor, hurt/comfort, schmoop, UST, smarm, etc.
* a rating: for our purposes, following the MPAA system, so G through NC-17

For your optional request, you can be as specific as you like (e.g., "Jack and Daniel are stranded on an ice planet and Teal'c and Vala come to the rescue, but only after Jack tells Daniel a deep dark secret"), but keep in mind that the writer won't be obligated to include that request in your story.

Restrictions should be things you absolutely don't want in your story. You can specify up to two.

If you only want to fill out the requirement field, that's fine; you don't have to specify optional requests or restrictions. You must answer the question regarding additional fanworks for the After Party.

As for the assignment you'll receive: please specify the maximum rating you'll write. You can write an actual rating here, or just "I'll write anything," "no sex whatsoever," "fade to black only," and so on. You can also list up to three specific things you won't write. If you've only watched up to a certain season, haven't seen earlier seasons, haven't seen the movie, etc., please make sure to note that, so we don't accidentally match you up with a season-specific request you can't write.

Note: If you list more than three things you won't write, only the first three will be considered; if you list more than two requirements, only the first two will be passed on to your author. (We apologize if that sounds overly restrictive, but please stick to the limits.)

Your comment should look like this:

Dreamwidth user name:

Requirement (#1):
Requirement (#2):
Optional Request:
Restriction (#1):
Restriction (#2):

Maximum rating you'll write:
You won't write (#1):
You won't write (#2):
You won't write (#3):

Do you give permission for another fan artist to make a work related to your fic for the After Party? (This may include such works as podfic, art, crafts, a remix or other fanfic of your fanfic, etc.): Yes or No?

Will you pinch hit? (This means being willing to be called on to write a fic to a certain prompt in the place of a writer who has defaulted, and to finish by a given deadline.) Yes or No?

For an example of a finished sign-up form, see the first comment below.

Questions? Feel free to e-mail princessofgeeks at hotmail dot com.
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[admin post] Admin Post: 2016 Ficathon

Hello from your "last man standing" admin, [personal profile] princessofgeeks!

I am getting ready to run our ficathon this year, and I have a couple of needs, if anyone has time and thinks it would be fun.

1. My co-admins here on [community profile] jd_ficathon are listed as Paian and Sid. I am pretty sure Paian has gafiated, and I wish her all the best wherever she may be, and of course Sid has gone to that great Fanfic Library in the sky. *raises glass* Both of them such pillars of this fandom, and such an endless source of inspiration!!!

Is there someone who would be willing to sign on as a co-admin? I don't need all that much help this time around, but if I got hit by a bus it would be nice if someone was left with admin powers on the comm.

2. Would someone like to make an icon for this year?

3. MOST IMPORTANT: Is there someone out there who is experienced with managing Collections on the Archive of Our Own? Paian handled all that in the past, and while I could study up on it, if someone could step in and just do that it would be great. If I have to learn about it myself, I will, but it's One More Thing that feels like a big job just now. An umbrella collection already exists, with subcollections for each year. Also I would have to investigate the permissions/admin status there -- I have not looked into that at all.

Stay tuned -- announcements with dates and so forth are coming in the next week or so.

Also -- I'm definitely going to do a Rare Pairings event later in the summer. Roeskva has offered to help with that (HURRAY), and Havocthecat set me up as an admin on the existing community. More about that later.


Master List: The After Party for Jack/Daniel Ficathon XII (2015)

The After Party was for related works to the ficathon stories. Any type of related work was welcome.

And without further ado:

[personal profile] antares_dw made art for [personal profile] jdjunkie's story Squaring the Circle

[personal profile] antares_dw made art for [personal profile] justhuman's story Scrivener

[personal profile] magnavox_23 was assigned a prompt by [personal profile] princessofgeeks for the ficathon, and ended up writing one story that was the official ficathon entry, plus another for that that same prompt: Firelight

[personal profile] alobear, in addition to writing a fic for the ficathon, created art for the story by [personal profile] annieb, A Secret Shared

Thank you to everyone who participated!
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And that's a wrap on the ficathon and the After Party!

I've added one pinch-hit story to the master list. Twenty new Jack/Daniel stories! Hurray! Not bad for a fandom that's over 20 years old.

I'll put together the master list for the After Party works in a day or so.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks too to our readers and commenters. I'm so happy with how the ficathon turned out this year. Thank you to Paian, co admin!

We miss you, Sid. This one's for you.