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As promised, we have a special surprise for this year’s participants!

For each story, the wonderful [ profile] magnavox_23 and [ profile] eilidh17 created a unique wallpaper. Most are NSFW, all are awesome. Click on the thumbnails to take a look!

(Rules for use: Make sure to credit. Don’t hotlink. Tip your waiter. Turn out the lights when you leave. :D)

images under the cut )

Please comment here to thank [ profile] magnavox_23 and [ profile] eilidh17, and remember to thank your writer.

See you all next year!
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This is the master post for [community profile] jd_ficathon IX.

for [ profile] adeclanfan, [ profile] winifredoniel wrote Can’t Stop Watching
for [personal profile] antares_dw, [personal profile] sid wrote The Liberation of Daniel Jackson
for [personal profile] campylobacter, [personal profile] magickmoons wrote All My Troubles, All My Fears
for [ profile] eilidh17, [personal profile] justhuman wrote Remembering His Bedside Manner
for [personal profile] gategremlyn, [personal profile] rivulet027 wrote Memories of You
for [personal profile] goth_clark, [personal profile] jdjunkie wrote Part of the Furniture
for [personal profile] green_grrl, [personal profile] gategremlyn wrote The Man in Charge, or Proof Positive of a Hierarchical Command Structure
for [personal profile] jdjunkie, [personal profile] green_grrl wrote Narrow Is the Way
for [personal profile] karmageddon, [ profile] adeclanfan wrote Darkness Bound
for [personal profile] lokei, [personal profile] antares_dw wrote Fear of Heights
for [personal profile] magickmoons, [personal profile] lokei wrote Caving In
for [ profile] magnavox_23, [personal profile] goth_clark wrote Mudslide
for [personal profile] melayneseahawk, [personal profile] princessofgeeks wrote Just Another Day in Paradise
for [personal profile] rivulet027, [personal profile] goth_clark wrote Lagoon
for [personal profile] sgdiva, [personal profile] karmageddon wrote It Doesn’t Make Any Difference What City
for [personal profile] sid, [ profile] magnavox_23 wrote Bite Me
for [ profile] winifredoniel, [ profile] eilidh17 wrote Living in the Moment

This list will be updated as the outstanding fic are posted. If you can pinch hit, please drop me an e-mail.


Please remember to thank your writer. We all worked to make this happen!

And keep an eye out for a special surprise for this year’s participants!
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Title: Memories of You
Author: rivulet027
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1133
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm merely playing.
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Written For: GateGremlyn
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:1. hurt/comfort 2. post-Descension or post-"Shroud"
Optional Request: offworld
Restriction #1: no character bashing
Restriction #2: N/A
Summary: Daniel’s memories return slowly and sporadically. When he remembers him and Jack he wants answers.
A/N: A huge thank you to angel_negra for all the encouragement. It was very much appreciated! And thank you for the title as well! Also thanks to midnightclarity for taking a look at the final product.

Memories of You: )
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Title: narrow is the way
Author: [personal profile] green_grrl
Summary: Five times Jack O'Neill was outed and one time he didn't need to be.
Word Count: 5,744
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: not my characters, just my imagination
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Jack/Sara, Sam/Cam, Teal'c/Ishta
Written For: [personal profile] jdjunkie
Prompt: 1. Jack and Daniel outed somehow. 2. reactions from friends and colleagues. Optional request: Sara O'Neill. (Restrictions: no character bashing, no character death.)
Notes: Thanks and smooches to [personal profile] brainofck and [profile] princessofg for last-minute betas, and to [personal profile] zats_clear for military beta!

Read on: AO3 | DW | LJ
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Title: All My Troubles, All My Fears
Author: [personal profile] magickmoons 
Summary: "So three weeks in a palace by the beach?" Daniel's quest for something to do in the aftermath of their addiction to the Light leads to potentially disastrous consequences for both him and Jack. (Episode tag for 4x18, The Light)
Word Count: 5096
Rating: NC-17 (to be safe)
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!
Written For: [personal profile] campylobacter 
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:
1. episode-related/episode tag/missing scene
2. AU acceptable
Optional Request: action/adventure
Restriction #1: no beagles
Restriction #2: no Mary Sue/Gary Stu
Warning: Depending on how stringent your definition is, this could fall under dub-con, in that their brains are pretty well messed up between the addiction and the withdrawal.
Notes: Title from Sarah McLachlan's Push

Read at DW

Read at AO3
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Title: It Doesn't Make Any Difference What City
Summary: Biker AU with bondage and discipline
Word Count:
Rating: NC-17
This is a transformative work.
Written For:
NC-17, dom!Daniel, bondage and discipline

Link to the fic at AoOO
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Title: The Liberation of Daniel Jackson
Author: Sid
Summary: It is September, 1944. Allied forces have retaken France and are pushing onward in their struggle to free the rest of Europe. Trapped in The Netherlands when it was invaded in May, 1940, young Daniel Jackson has been living and working on his grandfather's farm ever since, desperately concealing his American nationality from the authorities. One night, he finds a stranger hiding in the barn…
Word Count: 8,188
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. In fact, they don't exist!
Written For: antares04a/antares_dw
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: 1. NC-17 2. first time
Optional Request: contemporary or historical AU
Restriction #1: no unhappy ending
Restriction #2: no het
Notes: I love history. I loved every minute of the research I did for this story, and I hope that shows. For those of you who like visual aids, here is a map of The Netherlands. And here is a yummy picture of an appropriately aged Michael Shanks.

Read the story on LJ, on DW, at AO3.
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Title: Part of the Furniture

Author: [personal profile] jdjunkie 

Summary: Sometimes, the biggest secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves.

Word count: 6,337

Rating: Soft R

Not mine, yadda.

Written for: [personal profile] goth_clark 

First time, a secret. Optional request: a party.

Beta thanks to [personal profile] princessofgeeks, and thanks to [personal profile] sid for the advice. You rock, ladies.

Read it here

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Title: Fear of Heights
Author: Antares
Summary: At the Cheyenne Outdoor Center Daniel struggles to overcome his fear of heights. Jack O’Neill, the climbing instructor, tries to help him. But it’s difficult, with Sarah Gardner and Steven Rayner around.
Word count: 8523
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine
Written for: [personal profile] lokei
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: smart Jack and perceptive Daniel, teamy goodness
Optional Request: mythology references are always awesome, as plot points or AUs
Restriction #1: a little turmoil is fine, but no dark or death fic, please!
Restriction #2: mpreg
Notes/Beta: Many thanks to pinkdiamonds, Shazz and Beth for brainstorming, beta-reading and hand-holding, and giving me some wonderful ideas. And for making this story so much better! All remaining mistakes are mine. Thanks a lot, ladies!!


Beta Post!

Oct. 10th, 2012 01:45 pm
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This is a post to organize people who are willing to beta read with people who need betas.

If you are willing to beta, comment to this post with your name, some sort of contact information (e-mail is probably best), and what you will and won't beta for (ex. no spoilers past s8, nothing above R, no BDSM/heavy kink, etc.).

For example, my comment would look something like this:

Name: Melayne
E-mail: melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com
Strengths: grammar, syntax, characterization, canon
Will Not Read: AU, BDSM/heavy kink, purposeful character bashing

If you are looking for a beta, wait a little while until people comment and then e-mail your beta of choice. Make sure you don't choose the person you're writing for.

And remember to check to the equivalent post in our sister LJ comm, which can be found here.

As always, you can contact me with any questions or comments, but I won't be available for beta.

Have at it!
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This is your friendly reminder that stories are due Monday 22 October, which is just two weeks away. Make sure you're a member of the community; it's the only way you'll be able to post.

A few notes about posting:

If you're going to be late, let me know. If you need an extension, let me know. If you need to drop out (RL happens to all of us, I understand), let me know sooner rather than later. I am proud to say that everyone got a story last year and that is going to happen again this year, even if I have to write every pinch hit myself. But, it'll make my life (and those of the pinch hitters) much easier if I have a bit of warning.

Naturally, extensions will be available. I'd rather give you an extension that you don't need than have you be late. That being said, if you ask me at 11:59p on the 22nd, I will not look kindly upon you. (Oh and yeah, I'm a West Coast gal now, so we're on Pacific Time.)

Second, moderated posting will be turned on, so post early if you need to. But, this is reserved for RL getting in the way of posting on the actually deadline. If at all possible, post on the 22nd, no earlier. If you receive an extension, still try to post ASAP.

Also, remember: keep the secret of who you're writing for. Don't post outside the comm earlier than the 22nd. Don't tell anyone who you're writing for except possibly your beta. I really want to be able to make the big reveal all at once on the 22nd.

Last, the posting format:

Subject Line: Fic: Story Title

<b>Word Count:</b>
<b>Written For:</b>

Please use MPAA ratings for consistency. Use your judgment on how your story should be rated.

Stories should be tagged by author, writee, genre, rating, and season. Use the tags provided. If the tag you need isn't there, drop me a note and I'll make it for you.

So, my story from a few years ago would have looked something like this:

Subject Line: Fic: Misunderstanding
Tags: author:melayneseahawk, writee:faerie_mistress, genre:action/adventure, genre:romance, rating:nc-17, season:any

Title: Misunderstanding
Author: [personal profile] melayneseahawk
Summary: You're a much better damsel in distress than Carter. I guess it's because you have more practice.
Word Count: 3193 words
Rating: NC-17 (graphic m/m sex)
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: [profile] faerie_mistress
Prompt: Requirements: Action/ adventure, the rest of the team should be involved in the plot line to some degree; Optional Request: Higher end rating (MA15+ or higher please), angst; Restrictions: No AU/ really OOC main characters, Neither Jack or Daniel should die (although Ascension doesn't really count as dying). Also, aliens did NOT make them do it.
Notes: Many, many thanks to [personal profile] trelkez for the extension, and to [personal profile] starkravingsane, [personal profile] brainofck, and [personal profile] theemdash for the beta-reading, for without them this fic would ne'er have seen the light of day.

(Misunderstanding | NC-17 | 3193 words | complete)

Feel free to post somewhere else and link to it, like I did here, but remember not to post early outside the comm.

I suggest you get a beta, if only to check for typos. If you don't have a beta pool of your own, a beta post will be up with instructions on Wednesday.

As always, feel free to e-mail [personal profile] melayneseahawk at melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com with any questions, comments, concerns, etc.
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I've just finished mailing out all the assignments, so get cracking!

If you have not received your assignment by tomorrow morning, please comment here. (Comments are screened.)

Happy writing!
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Due to some RL stuff, matching has been delayed. Expect to receive your assignments by the end of the weekend; there will be a post here when they have been sent out. The deadline will be pushed back a week to compensate.

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Sign-ups have been extended to tomorrow morning, so you have less than 24 hours to sign up if you haven't already done so. The good news is we have enough writers to have the 'thon this year, so if you were waiting for that, we've done it!

Sign-ups are here.
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So if you haven't already joined us, you'd better hurry! Rules and sign-ups can be found in this post.

At the moment, we only have five writers signed up. We'll need at least ten to really be able to have the 'thon this year. Tell your friends!
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Sign-Ups Open: 30 July - 27 28 August 2012
Assignments Out: 31 August 9 September 2012
Stories Due: 15 22 October 2012

So, how does this work?
~ Comment here to sign up. Assignments will be sent out via e-mail. Stories will be due 15 22 October. However, if you finish early, you can post and I'll leave your story in the moderation queue until the day the ficathon opens.
~ Keep your assignment secret until the deadline. We do suggest you get a beta, though.
~ If you have any questions about your assignment, contact [ profile] melayneseahawk, not the person you're writing for.
~ Stories must be at least 1000 words, but there is no upper limit.
~ Feel free to post either in the comm, or somewhere else and link to it. More details about posting will be up closer to the deadline.
~ You need to join the comm if you are planning on participating. All members have immediate posting access; posting is moderated so that the fic will all go live the same day.

Crossposting Policy
~ Please sign up once, on only Livejournal or Dreamwidth. It does not matter which; all entries will be mixed together, so you may wind up writing for someone on either platform.
~ Stories may be hosted on Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Archive of Our Own, or any other website. Stories may be hosted on more than one site, but please provide all links.
~ You may announce your story on either [ profile] jd_ficathon, [community profile] jd_ficathon, or both.
~ Once posting has begun, a Master Post of all stories will be created and posted to both Livejournal and Dreamwidth, so no matter where you post, everyone will be able to see it.

Defaulting, Dropping, and Extensions:
~ In the interests of general sanity and ease of organization, I will be creating a ban list. If you drop out without telling me, you will be banned from participation for the following year. If you swear they're going to post and then disappear, you will be banned from participation for the following year.
~ To keep this from happening, please keep me informed. If you're going to need a few extra days, just ask for them. If something comes up and you can't complete the ficathon, just tell me. I understand that real life can get in the way of our fandom lives, but a quick e-mail will be more than enough to let me know that you're not just flaking on me.

Sign-Up Form )

Questions? Feel free to e-mail [ profile] melayneseahawk at melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com.
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J/D Ficathon is gearing up for 2012, and there are three ways you can help!

Artists Needed: As always, an artist is needed to create a banner and icons for the two communities. Also, I'm looking to change up the layout this year, so that's an opportunity, too.
Taggers Needed: I'm also going to need help going through and tagging last year's fic with the standardized tags.

Think you can help with either of these? Drop me an e-mail at melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com.

And lastly, the ever-present poll is available on Livejournal. (I'm not sure if you need to have a LJ account to vote in the poll, sorry. If someone would be willing to mirror the poll on DW, I would be forever grateful.)

Questions? Comments? Comment here or e-mail me at melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com.


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