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Title: Reasons to Reconnect
Author: Rivulet027
Summary: Post S7. Even though he doesn’t know who he is Daniel knows he wants to follow Jack home. It’s a long slow road to recovering his memories. It takes even longer for him and Jack to get back together.
Word Count: 5366
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Stargate. It’s not my toy box and I’m merely playing. I also own nothing to do with Star Wars, which had to be included since Jack kept referencing it.
Written For: [personal profile] princessofgeeks
Two (2) Requirements:
1. plot set after descension in s7: How do Jack and Daniel react to Daniel being back? What has changed? How do they reconnect?
2. action plot alongside the romance; woven into an episode, mission that we don't see in canon, AUs fine
Optional Request: Can be a first-time or a "Daniel remembers they were together", or even a "Jack tries to put the relationship behind them but Daniel remembers and spoils his plan." Either they get together for the first time, or they were together before but Daniel forgot (or any twist on that), is fine with me.
Restriction #1: no Sam-bashing
Restriction #2: no dumb!Jack

Notes: Thank you to Midnight Clarity for the beta and [personal profile] m14mouse for the title help. I’m so very sorry that this took so long to write. This generally follows the first three episodes for S7 and includes a rescue mission for SG-11.

Reasons to Reconnect: )
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Title: "Something You Somehow Haven't to Deserve"
Author: princessofgeeks
Summary: Jack and Daniel, on an adventure in Atlantis, circa 2009.
Word Count: 14,600
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. This is not for profit.
Written For: justhuman
Prompt: established relationship, conversation with people who know about them, and optionally, set in the greater Gateverse.
Notes: A thousand thanks to my betas, the awesome stultiloquentia, JDJunkie and karmageddon. And thanks and hugs and stickers to melayneseahawk for running this ficathon! The story title is from a poem by Robert Frost, about the definition of 'home'.

Link to Story on Dreamwidth
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Title: Surfacing Desires
Author: Sid
Summary: Naked mining. Yes, it's a Beneath The Surface episode-related fic! Jonah's dream changes Jack's life, and Daniel's too, of course.
Word Count: 2,600
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I only play with them from time to time.
Written For: [personal profile] karmageddon
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:
1) Daniel's body changes A LOT over the series. I would love to see a fic where this is part of a power exchange relationship for them.
2) The more kinky sweaty post-workout sex the better
Notes: I am terribly sorry that this is so late, but I'm grateful to my muse for (belatedly) coming through for me. I want to thank everyone who offered encouragement when I was struggling to find my way. Special thanks to Beth for some brainstorming that helped me view different approaches, when my brain had locked in on something that just wouldn't work. And a final, enigmatic thank you to Route 66 and Serendipity.

Story on LJ / Story on DW / Story at AO3
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Title: Protect and Defend
Author: [personal profile] green_grrl
Summary: The National Hockey League decided to expand the number of clubs in Canada, and in the summer of 2013 the brand new Quebec Nordiques are scrambling to birth a brand new franchise with an old name. (Yeah, definitely an AU.)
Word Count: 5,556
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: not my characters, just my imagination
Written For: [personal profile] theemdash
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: 1. AU (author's choice). 2. Banter. Optional Request: hockey AU. Restriction #1: no cheating. Restriction #2: no break-up.
Notes: Thank you so much to [personal profile] brainofck for an incredibly speedy and thoughtful beta! Some bits cribbed from Proving Ground.

on AO3 | on DW | on LJ
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Title: The Watchers
Author: GateGremlyn
Summary: What they see.
Word Count: ~2700
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I keep asking. Still not making any money.
Written For: [personal profile] goth_clark (with apologies for the delay)
Requirements: first time, season 3, (off-world—which I couldn't do) Restrictions: no deathfic, no mpreg
Notes: set at the end of season 3 after Crystal Skull; spoilers for a lot of season
Written for the 2013 [community profile] jd_ficathon 

The Watchers
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Title:Just One of Those Days
Author:[personal profile] justhuman
Summary:When all that's left are the odd system lord and the Lucian Alliance, there's time to make new discoveries. Post – Continuum, but not canon intensive. First time.
Word Count: 4913
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If I owned it, I wouldn't have to sneak my writing in on my lunch hour. No infringement intended
Written For:[personal profile] jdjunkie
Prompt:1. Jack and Daniel stranded offworld & 2. first time. Optional Request: sex in the rain
Restriction #1: no unhappy ending & Restriction #2: no character bashing
Notes:My many thanks to [personal profile] ivorygates, without her, they'd be doing things in their boots that probably would have been uncomfortable. I also can't thank her enough for stepping up in the 13th hour to give me not only a hand, but a fantastic military beta.

Read on AO3 | DW | LJ
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Title: Unknown Agent
Author: goth_clark
Summary: Daniel is drugged during a mission off world.
Word Count: 3200
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing.
Written For: raqs
Prompt: 1. author's choice 2. N/A Optional Request: N/A
Restriction #1: no weak/idiot/fem!Daniel
Restriction #2: no mpreg or babies
Notes: Thanks to Alee for the quick beta help.

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Title: Punch Card
Author: Karmageddon
Summary: Daniel is out of the infirmary (again), but Jack is there for him.
Word Count: 1200
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is a transformative work.
Written For: riverfox
Prompt: hurt/comfort, NC-17, after season 2
Notes: Thank you to princessofgeeks for the beta

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Title: Waiting and Hoping
Author: Rivulet027
Summary: It’s never the right time to try for them. After returning from Accession Daniel decides he’s tired of waiting for the right time
Word Count:1215
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Stargate. It’s not my toy box and I’m merely playing.
Written For: [personal profile] gategremlyn
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:
1. Jack and Daniel fight on a mission
2. find something of value
Optional Request: NID
Restriction #1: no kink
Restriction #2: no unhappy ending
Notes: The first scene takes place after the season one epi “Cold Lazarus” and the second scene takes place after Daniel has been brought back to life in S7. Also I hope you don’t mind the something of value being each other.

Waiting and Hoping: )
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Title: Driftwood
Author: [personal profile] dragojustine
Summary: Daniel is always surrounded by artifacts.
Word Count: 2300
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Still not mine
Written For: [personal profile] magickmoons
1. set after Jack moves to DC (...stretched that a bit)
2. Daniel's piano
Optional Request: something happening on an off-world mission that has unexpected or continuing effects after the team returns to Earth
Notes: Did you know Daniel had a piano in The Light? I sure didn't. Thanks to [personal profile] magickmoons for making me scour every glimpse of Daniel's apartments we get-- the results were interesting, and didn't match my head-canon much at all.
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Title: And Not Make Dreams Your Master
Author: [personal profile] magickmoons
Summary: The mission to Ne'tu brought feelings back to the surface that Daniel would rather were left buried.
Word Count: ~8600
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They are soooo not mine, more's the pity
Written For: [personal profile] sid
Prompt: Requirements: 1. first time; 2. s3 or s4 | Optional Request: (vanilla)bottom!Daniel freaks out; you decide why, and how to resolve it | Restriction #1: no kid!fic | Restriction #2: no crossovers
Notes: Episode tag to The Devil You Know (3.13), in which I took some liberties with Daniel's experience under the Blood of Sokar.
Title taken from Rudyard Kipling's If

And Not Make Dreams Your Master at my journal
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Title: The Red Sands of Bedrosia
Author: Antares
Summary: Jack remembers the mission to Bedrosia
Word Count: ca. 4500
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine
Written For: [personal profile] lunabee34
1. one change from canon (author's choice)
2. hurt/comfort
Restriction #1: no character bashing
Notes: Many, many thanks to my wonderful beta Shazz!
Season: 3, Episode 19 “New Ground”
There are some quotes from: http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com/wiki/3.19_%22New_Ground%22_Transcript

Link to the story: http://antares-dw.dreamwidth.org/21894.html
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Title: Unmasked
Author: Joy
Summary: After a brief mutual attraction confession between Daniel and Jack, Daniel goes to Atlantis and has no intention of ever coming home. Jack make a trip to Atlantis to change his mind.
Word Count: 8764
Rating: X
Disclaimer: Not mine, blah blah
Written For: Antares
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:
1. NC-17
2. off-world mission
Optional Request: Atlantis crossover: What if they had been part of the first mission? Or what if Daniel had accompanied Jack in "The Return"? Or Jack retiring to Atlantis? Or simply a visit? Or Jack and Daniel fleeing to Atlantis because...? Or whatever you can think of.
Restriction #1: no het
Restriction #2: no unhappy ending
Notes: No warnings. Regular Author Notes on the story at AO3.
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Title: More Things in Heaven and Earth
Author: [personal profile] jdjunkie 
Summary: Daniel struggles with grief and loss after Sha'uri's death but an off-world mission unexpectedly changes everything.
Word count: 11,500
Rating: Mainly PG-13, with a soupcon of NC-17 thrown in, just for good measure.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Things would be different of they were.
Written for: [personal profile] dragojustine 
Prompt: Requirements: 1 Pre-ascension; 2 Discover something/someone off-world. Optional request: Sam and Teal'c (team!fic).
Notes: This fic is set in season three, shortly after the events of Forever in a Day and Past and Present. Beta thanks to [personal profile] princessofgeeks, whose keen eye and intuition are always a marvel to behold. I'm an inveterate tweaker, so any remaining mistakes are entirely mine.

Read it here at DW

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Title: Lost in Translation

Author: [personal profile] lunabee34

Summary: The first few times someone made an erroneous assumption about his relationship with Jack, Daniel was offended. He was a married man. He was relentlessly searching the galaxy for the wife he loved dearly. What the hell kind of vibes was he giving off that made the elders of six out of ten villages assume that he and Jack were a couple? As time has passed, Daniel has come to feel more amused by the mistake than anything else, but he doesn’t think Jack would see the humor in the situation.

Word Count: 1039

Rating: PG-13

Written For: [personal profile] green_grrl

Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:
1. first time
2. people assuming they're a couple when they're not
Optional Request: Tok'ra
Restriction #1: no unhappy ending
Restriction #2: no Jack or Daniel with anyone other than each other (or past!their-wives)

And the same to you, Jack says )

Beta Post!

Oct. 16th, 2013 10:14 pm
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This is a post to organize people who are willing to beta read with people who need betas.

If you are willing to beta, comment to this post with your name, some sort of contact information (e-mail is probably best), and what you will and won't beta for (ex. no spoilers past s8, nothing above R, no BDSM/heavy kink, etc.).

For example, my comment would look something like this:

Name: Melayne
E-mail: melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com
Strengths: grammar, syntax, characterization, canon
Will Not Read: AU, BDSM/heavy kink, purposeful character bashing

If you are looking for a beta, wait a little while until people comment and then e-mail your beta of choice. Make sure you don't choose the person you're writing for.

And remember to check to the equivalent post in our sister LJ comm, which can be found here.

As always, you can contact me with any questions or comments, but I won't be available for beta.

Have at it!
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This is your friendly reminder that stories are due Monday 28 October, which is just two weeks away. Make sure you're a member of the community; it's the only way you'll be able to post.

A few notes about posting:

If you're going to be late, let me know. If you need an extension, let me know. If you need to drop out (RL happens to all of us, I understand), let me know sooner rather than later. I am proud to say that everyone got a story last year and that is going to happen again this year, even if I have to write every pinch hit myself. But, it'll make my life (and those of the pinch hitters) much easier if I have a bit of warning.

Naturally, extensions will be available. I'd rather give you an extension that you don't need than have you be late. That being said, if you ask me at 11:59p on the 28nd, I will not look kindly upon you. (Oh and yeah, I'm a West Coast gal now, so we're on Pacific Time.)

Second, moderated posting will be turned on, so post early if you need to. But, this is reserved for RL getting in the way of posting on the actually deadline. If at all possible, post on the 28nd, no earlier. If you receive an extension, still try to post ASAP.

Also, remember: keep the secret of who you're writing for. Don't post outside the comm earlier than the 22nd. Don't tell anyone who you're writing for except possibly your beta. I really want to be able to make the big reveal all at once on the 28nd.

Last, the posting format:

Subject Line: Fic: Story Title

<b>Word Count:</b>
<b>Written For:</b>

Please use MPAA ratings for consistency. Use your judgment on how your story should be rated.

Stories should be tagged by author, writee, genre, rating, and season. Use the tags provided. If the tag you need isn't there, drop me a note and I'll make it for you.

So, my story from a few years ago would have looked something like this:

Subject Line: Fic: Misunderstanding
Tags: author:melayneseahawk, writee:faerie_mistress, genre:action/adventure, genre:romance, rating:nc-17, season:any

Title: Misunderstanding
Author: [personal profile] melayneseahawk
Summary: You're a much better damsel in distress than Carter. I guess it's because you have more practice.
Word Count: 3193 words
Rating: NC-17 (graphic m/m sex)
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: [profile] faerie_mistress
Prompt: Requirements: Action/ adventure, the rest of the team should be involved in the plot line to some degree; Optional Request: Higher end rating (MA15+ or higher please), angst; Restrictions: No AU/ really OOC main characters, Neither Jack or Daniel should die (although Ascension doesn't really count as dying). Also, aliens did NOT make them do it.
Notes: Many, many thanks to [personal profile] trelkez for the extension, and to [personal profile] starkravingsane, [personal profile] brainofck, and [personal profile] theemdash for the beta-reading, for without them this fic would ne'er have seen the light of day.

(Misunderstanding | NC-17 | 3193 words | complete)

Feel free to post somewhere else and link to it, like I did here, but remember not to post early outside the comm.

I suggest you get a beta, if only to check for typos. If you don't have a beta pool of your own, a beta post will be up with instructions on Wednesday.

As always, feel free to e-mail [personal profile] melayneseahawk at melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com with any questions, comments, concerns, etc.
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I've just finished mailing out all the assignments, so get cracking!

(Apologies for the delay. RL is a thing. *facepalm*)

If you have not received your assignment by tomorrow morning, please comment here. (Comments are screened.)

The deadline has been changed to 28 October to reflect the delay.

Happy writing!
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Assignments will be out on Monday at the latest.

(Apologies for the delay; RL can be distracting. Deadlines will be shifted accordingly.)


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