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Fic: Midsummer Walk

Title: Midsummer Walk
Author: Elaiel
Summary: Daniel explains some of the details of the culture that they are visiting to Jack in order to clarify a few issues...
Word Count: 1645
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None
Written For: [personal profile] green_grrl
Two (2) Requirements:
1. season 7 or later
2. Anthropology geek-out
Optional Request: Stargate Atlantis characters (John/Rodney or gen)
Restriction #1: no unhappy ending
Restriction #2: no J or D relationship with anyone else (except their wives)
Notes: Hi [personal profile] green_grrl I hope you like this. It's (hopefully) anthropology humour and could take place anytime after the first few episodes of Season 7. Sorry I couldn't get any Atlantis characters in, I don't know them that well and I couldn't make it fit right.

Midsummer Walk on AO3