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Title: Affinity
Author: Rivulet027
Summary: Jack has thought this trip was just him and Daniel, not him, Daniel and Jonas. Then the gate breaks.
Word Count: 2367
Rated: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Stargate. It’s not my toy box and I’m merely playing.
Written for: [personal profile] genitalgrievous
Prompt: Requirement (#1): Stranded on a planet, fluff ensues. Requirement (#2): NC-17 Optional Request: Jonas Quinn is there too? Restriction (#1): Mentions of Jack/Sam.
Notes: Sometimes S7 after Daniel gets his memories back. A huge thank you to [personal profile] princessofgeeks for the wonderful beta.


Jack skims his fingers under Daniel’s shirt and up his torso. He presses a kiss to Daniel’s neck and then jaw before he points out, “You said two weeks of camping, just you and me. You had a few things to study here, but we’d still be camping.”

“We are camping,” Daniel points out before moving in for a kiss.

Jack keeps the kiss brief so he can pull away and complain. “You never said anything about Jonas.”

“He was a last minute addition.”

“We haven’t had a moment to ourselves for half a week, and now that the gate’s broken, who knows how long we’ll be here?”

Daniel sighs, head falling back against the tree Jack has him pinned against. “We were supposed to check in tomorrow. It’ll take them a week to get a ship out here, maybe sooner if they ask the Langarans to send someone.”

Jack makes a considering noise as he reaches for Daniel’s belt. “How much alone time do you think we have?”

Daniel’s laugh is somewhere between amused and helpless. “None? We can’t…I don’t…”

Jack takes a step back and Daniel makes a noise of protest. Jack holds up his hands. “You want to wait till we get home?”

Daniel swears and hauls him back in, kissing him hard. “I just got you back.”

Jack grins into the kiss, hands slipping back under Daniel’s shirt.

“Hey guys,” Jonas calls out to them from several yards away and up the incline of the hill they’d wandered down earlier. “I may have figured out a way to fix the gate.”

“Great!” Jack tries to enthuse as he backs away from Daniel and checks to see where Jonas is. He has to lean around the tree, and even then several other trees obscure Jonas. In a low tone he tells Daniel, “I don’t think he can see us.”

“Did you find wood for the fire?” Jonas asks.

“Yup!” Jack answers. “Give us a moment to drop it at camp and we’ll meet you at the gate.”

“Do you need help?”

“Nope, Danny and I got it.”

Jonas says something else, but then he’s waving at Jack and walking away. Jack turns back to Daniel and pauses to take in the way he’s using the tree for support. His shirt is rucked up and his pants just partly undone. Jack wets his lips, wishing he had time to enjoy this. Instead he reminds, “You said it’d be just you and me.”

Daniel manages a frustrated noise before he protests, “I like Jonas.”

“I do too,” Jack quirks up his lips, “but not when you’ve just come back from the dead, managed to get your memories mostly in order and we’ve gotten our heads out of our asses enough to get together for a second time.”

“I really want to kiss you right now,” Daniel groans, then shakes his head, “And you’re lying. You haven’t gotten to know Jonas enough to like him.”

Jack tries for a faux innocent look. “We have firewood to take back to camp.”

Daniel gives his a half amused, half frustrated look. Jack sighs before he steps close. He’s not interested in talking about Jonas. Instead he smooths out Daniel’s shirt and does up his pants. He presses a kiss to Daniel’s cheek and whispers in his ear. “You, me, and making new memories. I think being stuck here without gate access is the perfect excuse for us to wrangle vacation time to my cabin when we get back.”

Daniel laughs. “Even though we were only supposed to have been here for another week and a half and we’ll probably be rescued before then?”

Jack shrugs. “Well you know me.”

They don’t manage to fix the gate. They miss their check in.

Jack attempts to keep his hands to himself. He’s pretty sure Daniel is doing the same. He thinks they’re managing to act professional until he notices Jonas frowning at them occasionally.

A Langaran ship checks in with them, makes sure they have enough supplies and agrees to pick them up at the time they were supposed to go home. It’ll be a day’s travel after that to the nearest gate. They’ll also inform Stargate Command of the change in schedule. Once the ship leaves, they celebrate not being stranded indefinitely by going swimming in a nearby lake.

Jack’s lazily floating on his back when Jonas swims close. He tilts his head back to take Jonas in and frowns at the considering looking he’s getting. “What?”

Jonas makes a frustrated noise at him.

“Seriously, what?” Jack pushes.

Jonas opens his mouth and then closes it. Jack twists so he’s looking at Jonas. The other man doesn’t usually lack for words.

“I know Earth is different than my home world, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that in your military two men weren’t allowed to be together, but that’s not how things are on my world and I won’t say anything when we get back,” Jonas tells him.

Jack stares, not sure how to react. Should he deny everything or be grateful? How does Jonas even know?

Jonas shakes his head, “You touch everyone Jack, you just do, and for the last few days whenever I’m around you two keep your hands very off each other except when you forget and almost touch and then pull back. It’s very frustrating to watch.”

“Sorry?” Jack offers.

Jonas nods.


Jonas smiles.

Jack makes his way over to where Daniel is sitting on a rock. Daniel raises his eyebrows in question. Jack smirks. Daniel offers him a confused smile.

“Get over here,” Jack tells him. “You know I’m not much for PDA, but Jonas said he won’t tell and I haven’t kissed you in days. Days, Daniel, daaaaaaaaays.”

Daniel laughs, glances to where Jonas is now floating on his back, before he leans far enough over that they can kiss. Jack gives a questioning tug on Daniel’s arms and Daniel pulls away so he can drop into the water next to him. The next kiss is a bit more intense, both of them pressing against each other, legs tangling as they attempt to stay afloat and kiss at the same time. They part laughing.

It’s relaxing after to be able to give Daniel a kiss when he feels like it, to be able to hold his hand and to lie wrapped up around each other at the end of the day, the fire in front of them. It’s a relief to fall asleep next to him, sharing a sleeping bag, instead of being in two separate tents. They’re affectionate, but careful not to crossover to passion.

“I thought I’d have some of the berries from that patch we found on the north ridge for breakfast,” Jonas tells them, several days later.

“I can go with you,” Daniel offers.

Jonas shakes his head, “It’s not exactly wandering off by myself. I know the way and you’ll know where to find me if I don’t come back in an hour and a half.”

Jack looks up from the book he’s been thumbing through.

“An hour and a half?” Daniel questions.

“I’m going to take my time enjoying breakfast,” Jonas says slowly. “I might even be gone two hours.”

“It does take half an hour to walk there,” Jack agrees. “And you could hide out in the cave system nearby if you suddenly found yourself not alone.”

“Exactly.” Jonas nods.

Daniel thanks him before moving over to lean against Jack as he eats his oatmeal. Jack sets the book down, wraps one arm around Daniel’s waist and rests the other on his knee. Jack’s thumb draws non-existent circles on Daniel’s leg while they watch Jonas walk away. When it’s clear Jonas isn’t going to turn back for something he left, Jack lets his fingers slide up Daniel’s thigh. He leans in to press short kisses up Daniel’s neck, then jaw. He glances to where Jonas was to see that he’s almost out of sight.

“Tent?” Jack asks.

Daniel sets his bowl down then kisses him long and slow, fingers tugging his shirt up and then off. He rolls one of Jack’s nipples between his fingers and leans in to kiss down Jack’s neck. He waits till he pulls a moan from Jack before he agrees. “Tent.”

It’s a quick scramble after that, both of them eager to get to the tent they’ve been sharing. They drop their boots outside and tuck their socks into a nearby pack at the entrance. They kiss again, taking their time, enjoying that they can take the time to explore each other’s mouths instead of resorting to quick firm pecks. Jack pulls off Daniel’s shirt and starts on his belt.

“How do you want to do this?” Daniel manages in between kisses.

“With you and me naked?” Jack teases.

“I didn’t count on us getting any alone time,” Daniel explains.

“I thought we’d have all the alone time, Danny,” Jack smirks. “I’m prepared.”

Daniel groans against his mouth, kisses him hard, then pulls away and asks, “Fuck me?”

Jack laughs, happy and brief, before he grins. “I don’t think I’ll ever say no to that.”

Daniel smiles back, undoing Jack’s belt. Jack leans into kiss Daniel’s cheek, his lips, his nose.

“Get on the sleeping bag,” Jack tells him. “Don’t get naked. I want to take off your pants myself.”

Daniel raises his eyebrows. “Is that what you want?”

Jack looks him up and down slowly. “We don’t have enough time for everything that I want.”

Daniel makes a considering noise, leans in and rests their foreheads together, “Maybe you’re right, maybe we need a recover from this vacation together.”

“Danny, you little sneak,” Jack teases, leaning in to kiss the juncture between neck and shoulder, before murmuring against skin. “I couldn’t agree more.”

Daniel huffs out a quick laugh before pushing him away and moving onto their sleeping bag. Jack turns and pulls what he needs out of his bag. He turns back, takes in the way Daniel is watching him, eyes dark and needy, and wets his lips. He moves over slowly, drops the condom and lube onto the bag and then strips out of his pants and underwear. He meets Daniel’s eyes and tells him, “I want to take my time, tease you. I want to have the time to massage your feet, your legs, kiss you everywhere that makes you want more.”

Daniel draws in a slow wanting breath as Jack sits down between his feet. He pulls one into Daniel’s feet into his lap, massaging it as he continues, “Do you remember the first time we got together, that long weekend we had? You telling me what you wanted me to do, exactly how you wanted me to do it, until you couldn’t do anything more than swear at me.”

Daniel groans.

“And then in the shower,” Jack smiles as he moves to Daniel’s other foot. “You on your knees, driving me crazy.”

Daniel squirms, and eyes twinkling with mischief, complains, “You’re starting to drive me crazy now.”

“That the point.”

Daniel laughs. “You’re right. It is, but get me naked already.”

“Is that what you want?” Jack teases, lips quirking upwards.

“That’s what I’ve been wanting for days Jack, days.”

Jack leans up and in so he can murmur against Daniel’s lips, “How can I refuse a request that good?”

Daniel kisses him slow and deep, his tongue exploring Jack’s mouth until Jack is gripping his shoulders tightly and moaning. Jack pushes Daniel’s pants and underwear down to his thighs. They grind against each other slowly. Jack moans against Daniel’s shoulder, mouthing at the skin there. Daniel leans his head back, breath coming faster, “Jack, Jack, please. Get me naked. I want…I…fuck.”

“Yeah?” Jack asks.

“Yeah.” Daniel agrees.

Jack presses a kiss to Daniel’s neck, before moving to his chest, kissing and tonguing his way down to Daniel’s stomach. He glances upward, grinning at the sight of Daniel with his head thrown back, arm across his eyes, panting and moaning out each breath. He mouths his way over to Daniel’s hips, until he finds a spot that makes Daniel writhe. He sucks slowly, loving the way it make Daniel cuss and fall apart.

Jack pulls back just enough to help Daniel out of the rest of his clothes. Daniel hands him the pillow he’s not resting his head against and lifts his hips so Jack and slip it underneath him. Jack kisses Daniel’s knee as he reaches for the lube. He kisses Daniel’s thigh as he slicks up his fingers before dropping the tube back onto the sleeping bag. He runs his free hand over Daniel’s dick, pumping slowly as he slides a finger into Daniel. First one, then another, watching as Daniel meets his eyes, watching as Daniel gives himself over to feeling everything that Jack is doing. He waits until the tempo of Daniel’s breathing changes, till Daniel gives him that look that says he’s close before he pulls back and slides the condom onto his own cock. He uses more lube on himself, slides into Daniel slowly, enjoying the way Daniel’s legs wrap around him and Daniel pushes up towards him. He kisses Daniel’s shoulder before pulling back. They find a rhythm together, lips occasionally meeting in sometimes kisses, sometimes smiles, pressing close. Daniel grips his shoulder, laughs against his jaw before kissing it and ending on a moan as he comes. Jack follows soon after.

They collapse next to each other, fingers brushing as they curl around each other. Daniel leans in against his shoulder; Jack runs his hand into the short hair at the base of Daniel’s neck.

“You know,” Jack teases. “I think I like Jonas a lot better now that he’s given us alone time.”

“Camping, you and me alone,” Daniel concedes again.

“Yes, that,” Jack agrees. “Except in my cabin.”

Daniel makes a considering noise and Jack pulls him close, enjoying the way Daniel is tangled around him, enjoying the way the sun casts a light on them through the tent, listening as the birds continue singing outside. He smirks. This trips is working out almost exactly as he’d imagined it.


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