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Title: Ship Happens
Author: [personal profile] magnavox_23 
Summary: Two men stuck in a ship together, etcetera..
Word Count: 1813
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Jack & Daniel are MGM's playthings, I just smoosh 'em together sometimes.
Written For: [personal profile] theemdash 
Prompt: Requirement (#1): Season 8
Requirement (#2): Jack is totally in love with Daniel, but is in charge of the SGC.
Optional Request: In a recent rewatch, I noticed Daniel is basically the 2IC during Season 8—lots of walk-and-talks with Jack. I'd love a fic that explores and acknowledges that dynamic and its difficulties. And/or has an off-world mission Jack has to go on. ;)
Notes: Feels to [personal profile] eilidh17  for the beta and strg8g33k for the encouragement. <3
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The After Party was for related works to the ficathon stories. Any type of related work was welcome.

And without further ado:

[personal profile] antares_dw made art for [personal profile] jdjunkie's story Squaring the Circle

[personal profile] antares_dw made art for [personal profile] justhuman's story Scrivener

[personal profile] magnavox_23 was assigned a prompt by [personal profile] princessofgeeks for the ficathon, and ended up writing one story that was the official ficathon entry, plus another for that that same prompt: Firelight

[personal profile] alobear, in addition to writing a fic for the ficathon, created art for the story by [personal profile] annieb, A Secret Shared

Thank you to everyone who participated!
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Title: "Firelight"
Author: [personal profile] magnavox_23
Character/Pairing: Jack /Daniel
Rating: NC-17
Notes: I ended up writing three stories from [personal profile] princessofgeeks  for the 2015 J/D ficathon (this being the second), but I felt this story did not fit the prompts well enough, so wrote another story for that challenge. All my gratitude and love to [personal profile] eilidh17 for the beta. <3

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Fic: Loved

Jul. 26th, 2015 11:03 pm
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Title: Loved
Author: [personal profile] magnavox_23
Summary: One buddy just happen to stick his tongue down the other buddy’s throat not five minutes ago for some as yet unexplained reason, resulting in the saving of the other buddy’s life, and said buddy kinda liked it, hell, liked it a lot, but that’s ok, they’re used to strange stuff happening offworld.
Word Count: 2771
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Free porn to a good home.
Written For: [personal profile] princessofgeeks
Prompy i) First time ii) Something on a mission makes Jack willing to approach daniel romantically/intimately. Optional request: NC-17
Notes: I admit I had some trouble strickly adhering to this prompt, therefor I ended up writting two and a half stories. This is the third and final. I will post the other complete one at some point also once it is polished a little more. Big thanks and smoochy kisses to [personal profile] eilidh17 for the beta and putting up with my attrocious understanding of the English language. Manip at the end of fic. <3

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Title: Two Spirits
Author: magnavox_23
Rating: G
Word count: 2000-ish
Summary: After Shades of Grey, Jack & Daniel attempt to redefine their relationship.
Pairings: Pre-slash Jack/Daniel, mention of Daniel/Sha're.
Season/Spoiler info: Late season 3. Spoilers for the Stargate movie, Spirits, Forever in a Day, Shades of Grey
Prompts: “ritual” & “It felt like a new beginning.”

Two Spirits
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Title: Bite Me
Author: magnavox_23
Summary: Daniel can't let go, Jack doesn't want him to.
Word Count: 4945 words
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They're not mine I just use them from time to time and promise to give them back in perfect working order...eventually.
Written For: sidlj
Prompt: 1. first time 2. based in/on/around any season 4 episode, Optional Request: super-horny Daniel
Notes: This was only made tangibly readable by the amazing beta talents and continental smarts of eilidh17, thank you from the bottom of my little slashy heart! The super-horny Daniel request is toned down somewhat, but worry not, he gets there eventually! Another thank you to my dear Charlie coming up with alien names when all I can produce are some vaguely amusing puns (amusing only to myself). This fic takes place immediately following Tangent.

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