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Title: Adjustments
Author: [personal profile] magickmoons 
Summary: After Jack moves to Washington, some things change, some remain the same. But when Daniel needs him, there isn't any place Jack wants to be other than at his side.
Word Count: ~6,000
Rating: PG
Written For: [personal profile] badfalcon 
Prompt: 1) Season 8+ - as they adjusting to how their relationship changes; 2) Daniel getting hurt

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Title: Seeing is Believing
Author: [ profile] elder_bonnie
Summary: Daniel surprises Jack with a visit to DC. But something is wrong.
Word Count: Just over 5,500
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No profit is being made from this – except maybe some nice comments :)
Written For: [ profile] quietbang
Requirement 1: Post-series, Daniel goes to DC after an injury
Requirement 2: Established relationship
Optional request: Hurt/Comfort
Restriction 1: No unhappy ending
Restriction 2: No wussy!Daniel

Notes: Not beta-ed, so all mistakes are mine! I thought there was a lot that could be done with this amazing prompt, but I never do as well with relationship-centered fic as I do with action-based stories. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic exercise, and I tried my best to make it enjoyable and what you asked for! :) Please forgive the random turns it takes from time to time, specifically near the end…(Any constructive criticism on how to write a stronger relationship-centered fic in the comments would be very much appreciated!!! And thanks for reading.)

Seeing is Believing
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Title: "The Magician's Apprentice"
Author: [ profile] sorcha_gaia
Summary: Jack and Daniel unravel some issues after "The Shroud." (Season 10)
Word Count: 2,830
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, not yours, just for our pleasure. (So to speak.)
Written For: [ profile] paian
Community: [ profile] jd_ficathon
Prompt: Requested: established relationship, NC-17. Optional request: romance. Forbidden: giggling and waggling eyebrows.
Notes: No, no pressure to write for Paian. *quivers* Hope you like it, dearheart. I think I hit every one of your requests and no-nos. :)

"The Magician's Apprentice
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Title: First Name Basis
Author: [ profile] melayneseahawk and [ profile] theemdash
Summary: Cam's starting to realize he really didn't know what he'd gotten himself into.
Word Count: 1432 words
Rating: NC-17 (graphic m/m sex, threesome, language)
Disclaimer: So not ours.
Written For: [ profile] justhuman
Prompt: Requirements: NC-17; established relationship
Optional Request: if you can, throw in some threesome action with Cam. He can be part of the established relationship or new to it.
Restrictions: non-con, character bashing
Notes: This actually started out as a bit of an experiment. We hope it works!

First Name Basis | NC-17 | 1432 words | complete )

Feedback is better than chocolate.
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 How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Daniel Jackson
Author:[ profile] starting_gate
Summary: Daniel's on leave, and tells his journal all about it. Sometimes I really just want to live off sugar and caffeine, stay in my underwear for days at a time, read for 24 hours straight and then sleep for the next 24.
Word Count: 20,500 (in three parts)
Disclaimer: Not mine; just playing.
Written For: [ profile] chattycatsmeow
 Making the long distance relationship work while General Jack's in D.C. and Daniel's in Colorado. Can be down time/vacation. Restrictions: no BDSM/kink, character bashing.
Beta: Many thanks to [ profile] green_grrl and [ profile] jd_junkie, for their awesome powers of observation and all-round expertise on the love that is Jack/Daniel.
Notes: Humor, romance, Daniel first person POV, Season 10.

My hips surge up, wanting more of the slick wet heat of Jack's mouth. His tongue curls, presses, and I can't hold back....
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Title:Nothing Good Ever Happens in Spaceships

Author: E. Batagur

Summary: Episode tag for season 10 - The Shroud (Spoilers for episodes 10x14 and 10x20). Jack trys to make Daniel understand what it is he does to him. Daniel trys to make Jack understand that he knows.

Word Count: 4,255

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or any thing of the Stargate franchise. I'm just a fan, ya know. My love is free, and so is my writing.

Written For:[ profile] whimsicalwhims
Prompt:1. spaceships 2. season 7 or later
Optional Request: A conflict between characters. (I enjoy angst and happy endings equally).
Notes:Beta'd by the ever talented [ profile] amazonx. I hope I made it within the requirements.

Nothing Good Ever Happens in Spaceships


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