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Title: Togar Certainly Left That Out of the Manual
Author: [personal profile] lunabee34
Summary: This is an AU version of "Urgo."
Word Count: 1082 words
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: [personal profile] jdjunkie
Two (2) Requirements:I would love an episode-related fic set somewhere in seasons 1-5. It would be great if the story was related to an episode not generally regarded as a Jack/Daniel ep.
Optional Request: Outsider point of view would be squeeful.
Restriction #1: No permanent character death
Restriction #2: No het
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Title: The Memory's Faulty, But the Feeling's All Right
Author: [ profile] theemdash
Summary: Jack's been waiting for Daniel to remember the mission to 538—a mission that was two weeks before they went to Kelowna.
Word Count: ~2,100
Rating: R for language, nongraphic sex
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: [ profile] goth_clark
Prompt: hot jungle, first time
Spoilers: "Meridian," "Fallen"
Notes: Special thanks to [ profile] sopdetly and [ profile] sorcha_gaia for quick betas. Thanks as always to [ profile] melayneseahawk for running the 'thon and letting me poke her. *poke*

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Title: The Sweet Course
Author: Cowardly Lion
Summary: When it comes to Daniel, Jack is like a bee to honey. Sam gives the guys some advice.
Word Count: 3,374
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters nor do I make a blessed cent from using them in stories.
Written For: [ profile] mornincamper
Prompt: 1. first time 2. loud, wall/door/console can't-wait frottage or sex. Optional: humor/banter
Notes: Many thanks to Mare for the beta!

If you'd like to read this on LJ, please click here:
The Sweet Course by Cowardly Lion

If you'd like to read this on DW, please click here:
The Sweet Course by Cowardly Lion
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Title: The Advantages of Mind Reading
Author: [ profile] theemdash
Summary: An off-world mission just isn't the same if two members of the team don't wind up with nanites in their heads. . . .
Word Count: ~12,800 (in 2 parts)
Rating: R for language and implied sex
Disclaimer: SG-1 is owned by other, richer hands; Henley, Dawes, and Gerard however are mine (and KL's).
Written For: [ profile] doctorv
Prompt: humor, philosophical discussion of cartoons (or cartoons, without philosophy). optional: cyberpunk Restrictions: no later than Season 8, no hurt/comfort of the overly fluffy-wuffy variety.
Notes: Special thanks to [ profile] janedavitt for the beta and to [ profile] katilara for guiding me in the ways of cyberpunk and for not getting mad when I borrowed our OCs.

Part 1
Part 2
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Title: Scarification
Author: [ profile] green_grrl
Summary: Sometimes events remake you into someone else. If you're lucky, you won't be alone.
Word Count: 12,817
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not my characters.
Written For: [ profile] starting_gate
Prompt: Requirements: 1. I haven't seen any big H/C fics in a long while. I'd like massive Colonel Jack H/C. Torture, Abyss, car crash, major disability, padded cell, addiction, regression -- or whatever. 2. Happy ending for Jack and Daniel. Not that Jack should be suddenly "all better," but he and Daniel should have adapted and accepted. Or he recovers. Optional Request: Show how they deal with the effects of the whumping/disability in their sexual relationship. NC-17 preferred. Restriction #1: Het, including UST Restriction #2: Season 8+ "new" characters
Notes: Big *Mwah!* to [ profile] muck_a_luck for the beta! Warning for offscreen non-con (OCs). Posted in two parts at my journal.

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Title: Transparent
Author: Cowardly Lion
Summary: It was only after Jack became invisible that Daniel finally saw him.
Word Count:8,495
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, more's the pity
Written For: [personal profile] cirisse 
Prompt: Requirements: 1.First Time 2.Invisibility.
Optional Request: 1.Original team 2.Meddling Teal'c 3.Oblivious Daniel 4.Humour 5.Happy ending.
Restrictions: 1.No AU 2.No Kid!fic

Notes: Set late in Season 5. Many thanks to Mare, Barb and AnnO for the beta.

Transparent by Cowardly Lion


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