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Title: The Waiting Room (on AO3)
Author:[personal profile] mific
Summary: Jack's seriously injured off-world. Daniel tries to care for him but the hospital they've been taken to is primitive, there's no rescue in sight, and the morphine's running out.
Word count: 2747
Rating: R
Warnings: no AO3 warnings apply
Written for:[personal profile] magickmoons
Prompt: Wanted were 'Off-world hospital' and 'hurt/comfort'. Non-canon character bashing and high school/college AUs were restrictions. 
Notes:  Set at the end of season 8, before Jack leaves SG1. Thanks to Punk and Elaiel for beta help - much appreciated!
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Title: The Angle of Repose
Author: Paian
Summary: An attack on Homeworld Command, when Daniel is light-years away.
Word count: 6726
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Other people sent Jack to D.C. in the first place.
Written for: [personal profile] magickmoons
Prompts: 1) Jack is injured or ill; 2) angst. Optional Request: Season 8 or later, and Daniel is off-world when something happens to Jack. No mpreg, no character bashing.

Thanks to [personal profile] princessofgeeks for making this ficathon happen. None of this year's stories would exist if not for her.

Thanks also to [personal profile] magnavox_23, for meta'ing about this ep.

The Angle of Repose at AO3

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Title: Whatever it Takes

Author: [personal profile] jdjunkie 

Summary: Jack has been at Homeworld Security for fourteen days. Daniel has been missing for four.

Word count: 19,276

Rating: Mature, with a dash of NC-17.

Disclaimer: If only they were mine. But they're not.

Written for: [personal profile] magickmoons 

Prompt: Season 7 or later; hurt/comfort

Notes: Magick, I didn't manage your optional request of the hurt coming from participation in a local ritual. I hope that doesn't spoil things too much. Beta thanks to the inestimable [personal profile] princessofgeeks. "Go wild," she said at one point. I may have tiptoed through the tulips instead. But her support and wise counsel got me through the longest story I've ever written. She rocks.

Read the story on DW

Read the story at Ao3


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