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Title: Always Have a Plan B
Author: Carlyn
Jack shot Sam down when she asked for his assistance to oppose the Aschen. So why did Jack show up at the SGC?
Word Count: 6302 words
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own SG-1 or these characters. I just like to play with them.
Written For: princessofgeeks

Requirement (#1):
first time
Requirement (#2): set in one of the canon AU's/alternate timelines ('1969,' '2010,' 'Changeling,' 'Moebius,' 'Ripple Effect,' 'The Road Not Taken,' 'Continuum' -- am I forgetting any?)
Optional Request: Something to do with Daniel's memories from his ascension(s)
Restriction (#1): No Sam-bashing
Restriction (#2): No bloodplay

Notes: Set during the episode 2010. I stuck to the spirit if not the letter of the 'first time' requirement. Also, I don't think I bashed Sam, though she doesn't come off in the best light. I apologize profusely if you disagree.
Thanks to Marah for her beta and to AnnO for talking through the timeline with me. If there are any mistakes, neither of these lovely ladies is to blame.

The story is posted at AO3. You can find it here:


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The After Party was for related works to the ficathon stories. Any type of related work was welcome.

And without further ado:

[personal profile] antares_dw made art for [personal profile] jdjunkie's story Squaring the Circle

[personal profile] antares_dw made art for [personal profile] justhuman's story Scrivener

[personal profile] magnavox_23 was assigned a prompt by [personal profile] princessofgeeks for the ficathon, and ended up writing one story that was the official ficathon entry, plus another for that that same prompt: Firelight

[personal profile] alobear, in addition to writing a fic for the ficathon, created art for the story by [personal profile] annieb, A Secret Shared

Thank you to everyone who participated!
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Title: Fully Alive

Author: Svana_Vrika

Summary: Far too soon after the incident in the Honduras for Jack’s liking, Daniel is sent off on his own to retrieve data on a piece of alien tech

Word Count: 6,376

Rating: NC-17 (graphic m/m sex)

Disclaimer: This story is an original work of fan-fiction .Stargate-SG1 and its characters, props and settings are the intellectual property of MGM. I just borrowed them for a few thousand words of entertainment. No copyright infringements intended, and I will make no profit from their use.

Written For: princessofgeeks

Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: off world plot. either Jack or Daniel has to do something on the mission that he knows will really upset the other, but it's essential for the mission. Optional Request: established relationship. Restriction #1: no Sam-bashing. Restriction #2: no heavy kink

Notes: My first foray into this particular fandom. I hope you enjoy the attempt as much as I did. Work is unbetaed. All mistakes are my own.

Fully Alive


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