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Title: The [Redacted] Job
[personal profile] magickmoons
Summary: It's challenging being rescued by people who can't really know what they're rescuing you from.
Word Count: 4725
Rating: R
Written For:
[personal profile] green_grrl
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:
1. season 7 or later
2. include some aspect of the Stargate Program being secret (covering up or non-disclosure agreements or declassification or…)
Optional Request: crossover (SG Atlantis, NCIS, Teen Wolf, The Losers, Generation Kill, Leverage)
Restriction #1: no unhappy ending
Restriction #2: no J or D relationship with anyone else (except their wives)
Notes: Crossover with Leverage, takes place definitely post-SG1, possibly post-Leverage. My apologies for the extreme lateness!

Read the story on AO3

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Title: Nesting
Author: jdjunkie
Summary: A friend drops by unexpectedly and the visit could change everything
Word count: 2,663
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't own, wish I did
Written for: colonelsandgeeks
Prompt: Request 1: Established relationship
Request 2: Slice of life
Optional request: Someone from the SGC finding out
Notes: Beta thanks to Princessofgeeks - fandom sister of my heart. Any remaining errors are mine and mine alone.

Fic posted at Ao3:


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Title: The Waiting Room (on AO3)
Author:[personal profile] mific
Summary: Jack's seriously injured off-world. Daniel tries to care for him but the hospital they've been taken to is primitive, there's no rescue in sight, and the morphine's running out.
Word count: 2747
Rating: R
Warnings: no AO3 warnings apply
Written for:[personal profile] magickmoons
Prompt: Wanted were 'Off-world hospital' and 'hurt/comfort'. Non-canon character bashing and high school/college AUs were restrictions. 
Notes:  Set at the end of season 8, before Jack leaves SG1. Thanks to Punk and Elaiel for beta help - much appreciated!
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Title: The Angle of Repose
Author: Paian
Summary: An attack on Homeworld Command, when Daniel is light-years away.
Word count: 6726
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Other people sent Jack to D.C. in the first place.
Written for: [personal profile] magickmoons
Prompts: 1) Jack is injured or ill; 2) angst. Optional Request: Season 8 or later, and Daniel is off-world when something happens to Jack. No mpreg, no character bashing.

Thanks to [personal profile] princessofgeeks for making this ficathon happen. None of this year's stories would exist if not for her.

Thanks also to [personal profile] magnavox_23, for meta'ing about this ep.

The Angle of Repose at AO3

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Title: Solitudes Redux 1/1
Author: [ profile] campylobacter
Summary: What if Daniel had been stranded in Antarctica with Jack in 1x18 'Solitudes'?
Word Count: 3449
Rating: R/Mature/FRT (language, sexual subject matter)
Disclaimer: My real name is Brad Wright. True story, bro.
Written For: [ profile] elder_bonnie
Prompts: A snow planet, Daniel-whump, separated and frozen, no higher than soft R, no character death
Notes: [ profile] elder_bonnie, I'm so sorry this is late. This is the hardest fic I've ever written, but thank you so much for challenging me with prompts that are outside my comfort zone. Thought this'd be easy dialog-switching, but then I started considering how events would've truly diverged in a chaos-theory multiverse sort of way. Brief reference to Jack/Sara, Daniel/Sha're; surreal UST reference to Sam/Jack, Teal'c/Jack. (Dear Brad Wright: wormholes are not telephone signals kthxbai.)

Solitudes Redux on my Dreamwidth
Solitudes Redux on my LiveJournal
Solitudes Redux at Archive of Our Own
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Title: The Memory's Faulty, But the Feeling's All Right
Author: [ profile] theemdash
Summary: Jack's been waiting for Daniel to remember the mission to 538—a mission that was two weeks before they went to Kelowna.
Word Count: ~2,100
Rating: R for language, nongraphic sex
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: [ profile] goth_clark
Prompt: hot jungle, first time
Spoilers: "Meridian," "Fallen"
Notes: Special thanks to [ profile] sopdetly and [ profile] sorcha_gaia for quick betas. Thanks as always to [ profile] melayneseahawk for running the 'thon and letting me poke her. *poke*

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To Speed Where There is Space Enough
By Lokei
For the J/D 2011 Promptathon

Rating: R
Prompt: Crossover with McCaffrey's Pern. First mating flight ever between two bronzes or between a bronze and a green/brown/whatever-works-for-Daniel, Jack being the bronze rider, Daniel the other.
Notes: It’s been a while since I read any Pern canon, so please forgive any serious breaches of accepted notions of Weyr personalities and traditions. Fortunately, nothing’s been written about the 7th Pass, so I’m not screwing anything up too royally. Many thanks as always to the gracious [ profile] princessofg  for her beta work.

O to speed where there is space enough and air enough at last!
— Walt Whitman, One Hour to Madness and Joy, 1860.

High Reaches Weyr, 10th Turn of the 7th Pass of the Red Star

“And you have all the help you’ve needed to deal with the extra mouths to feed?”

“Oh yes, Weyrleader. No one will ever find the hospitality of High Reaches Weyr lacking, no matter what the occasion.” Headwoman Arminna was clearly torn between indignation at the implication that she couldn’t handle a few extra Riders coming in from Telgar Weyr, and pleasure that the Weyrleader had thought to ask. A look at his face tipped the balance, however.

“I could send up something hot for you, Weyrleader?”

He mustered up a smile. “No need, thank you. I’ll be down for dinner with the others shortly.”

She nodded and bustled out of the chamber, leaving him to drop his head tiredly to his arms. A few moments later the heavy door to his room creaked open again and a warm, callused hand cupped his neck while its partner placed a pitcher of warmed spiced wine on the table.

The Weyrleader raised his head and tipped it to look up into the clear blue eyes of his Wingleader D’nel.

Read the rest here
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Title: A Weekend in Washington
Author: Antares
Summary: Daniel flies to Washington to spend the weekend with Jack
Word Count: 10270
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: R
Disclaimer: not mine
Written For: [ profile] batagur
Prompt:Two (2) Requirements: 1. Jack must have depth (no cliche riddled, catch-phrase spouting, shallow as a mud puddle!Jack) 2. After last season (season 10?)
Optional Request: a side of Teal'c/Sam would be nice
Restriction #1:No Character bashing
Restriction #2:No Underage sex
Notes: Many, many thanks to Catspaw for all her help!


A Weekend in Washington/R/10270 words/complete )

©Antares, September 2010
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Title: Some roads (aren't meant to be traveled alone)
Author: [ profile] lilyleia78
Summary: Not all journeys are measured in miles. Daniel finds his way home.
Word Count: 2967 words
Rating: R – short scene of a sexual nature
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: [ profile] archae_ology
Prompt: Requirements: Jack finally retires, Daniel joins him. Optional Request: possible marriage. Restrictions: no angst or kid!fic
Notes: I cheated a bit on the optional part. You may recognize the title; it’s an old Chinese Proverb. The trip from Colorado Springs to Swan Lake, near Silver Lake, Minnesota was plotted for me by yahoo maps, but I have actually made the drive as far as Omaha.

"Teal’c dropped the last of Daniel’s bags in the back of the jeep..."
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Title: The Sweet Course
Author: Cowardly Lion
Summary: When it comes to Daniel, Jack is like a bee to honey. Sam gives the guys some advice.
Word Count: 3,374
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters nor do I make a blessed cent from using them in stories.
Written For: [ profile] mornincamper
Prompt: 1. first time 2. loud, wall/door/console can't-wait frottage or sex. Optional: humor/banter
Notes: Many thanks to Mare for the beta!

If you'd like to read this on LJ, please click here:
The Sweet Course by Cowardly Lion

If you'd like to read this on DW, please click here:
The Sweet Course by Cowardly Lion
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Title: In Our Own True Way
Author: lds
Summary: Daniel was sure that this qualified as one of those things he should've been told.
Word Count: ~2500
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own everything! No wait. I own nothing, MGM et al own everything, damn it! In fact given the amount of Stargate stuff I own, they have a serious chunk of what little money I did have at one point.
Written For: [ profile] lilyleia78
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: 1. happy ending, 2. first time
Optional Request: John/Rodney, as cameo or major plot point
Restriction #1: mpreg Restriction, #2: hurt/comfort
Notes: Beta services provided by Catspaw ([ profile] catspaw_sgjd) whose help was invaluable. All remaining mistakes are mine. I actually am kinda pleased with how this story turned out, a rarity for me. The title was borrowed from Great Big Sea.

Jack O'Neill leaned against the doorway...
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Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Title: Head of the House
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: R
Word Count: 2626

Summary: When Jack and Daniel are on a planet waiting for Sam and Teal’c to return, Daniel misunderstands something, and Jack uses it to his advantage.

A/Ns & Warnings: For the Jack/Daniel Ficathon, for [Bad username or site: ”writinginct” @]’s prompt: 1. J&D teaching alien children something fun 2. mistranslation of alien word with humorous results. Beta'd on the run by [ profile] kristinholt

Daniel ducked into the building, with Jack following. In the center of the room was a tub filled with steaming water.
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Title: The Advantages of Mind Reading
Author: [ profile] theemdash
Summary: An off-world mission just isn't the same if two members of the team don't wind up with nanites in their heads. . . .
Word Count: ~12,800 (in 2 parts)
Rating: R for language and implied sex
Disclaimer: SG-1 is owned by other, richer hands; Henley, Dawes, and Gerard however are mine (and KL's).
Written For: [ profile] doctorv
Prompt: humor, philosophical discussion of cartoons (or cartoons, without philosophy). optional: cyberpunk Restrictions: no later than Season 8, no hurt/comfort of the overly fluffy-wuffy variety.
Notes: Special thanks to [ profile] janedavitt for the beta and to [ profile] katilara for guiding me in the ways of cyberpunk and for not getting mad when I borrowed our OCs.

Part 1
Part 2
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Title: Even Your Darkest Night
Author: jd_junkie
Summary: When Daniel needs him, Jack is there ... through his darkest night.
Word Count: 6,226
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, wish they were.
Written For: [personal profile] sorcha_gaia
Prompt: Daniel hurt/comfort. Slow-acting poison. Optional request , Earth-bound. No death of major character or underage shenanigans.
Notes: Heartfelt thanks to my wonderful, no-nonsense and extremely tolerant betas, [personal profile] starting_gate and [profile] sidlj. Extra thanks to [profile] princessofg for the much-needed hand-holding when I was coughing up ridiculous hairballs over it all.
Warning: Religious content.

Posted in two parts.

Part II is here



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I'd better get this posted, before I get so wrapped up in reading everyone else's fics that I forget!

Title: Inexorable
Author: Sugar ([personal profile] sugarsbadhabit)
Summary: Jack tried to resist, but like foot rot in the jungle, Daniel was inexorable.
Word Count: 5924
Rating: R
Disclaimer: No colonels were harmed in the writing of this fic.
Written For: lds ([profile] lazigyrl)
Prompt: Requirements: 1. Pre/Early relationship, 2. Humorous (but not crack); Optional Request: Any season, any characters. Daniel pursuing Jack, mostly because the other is more common. Interfering teammates (helpful or otherwise) because really Teal'c is such a busybody! :); Restriction #1: Dark Kink or BDSM (light bondage/funny kinks I can handle), Restriction #2: Death of Major Character.
Notes: Great thanks, praise and chocolate rose petals heaped upon the head of my excellent beta, [personal profile] saladscream.

Inexorable (R)
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Title:Nothing Good Ever Happens in Spaceships

Author: E. Batagur

Summary: Episode tag for season 10 - The Shroud (Spoilers for episodes 10x14 and 10x20). Jack trys to make Daniel understand what it is he does to him. Daniel trys to make Jack understand that he knows.

Word Count: 4,255

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or any thing of the Stargate franchise. I'm just a fan, ya know. My love is free, and so is my writing.

Written For:[ profile] whimsicalwhims
Prompt:1. spaceships 2. season 7 or later
Optional Request: A conflict between characters. (I enjoy angst and happy endings equally).
Notes:Beta'd by the ever talented [ profile] amazonx. I hope I made it within the requirements.

Nothing Good Ever Happens in Spaceships
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Title: Transparent
Author: Cowardly Lion
Summary: It was only after Jack became invisible that Daniel finally saw him.
Word Count:8,495
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, more's the pity
Written For: [personal profile] cirisse 
Prompt: Requirements: 1.First Time 2.Invisibility.
Optional Request: 1.Original team 2.Meddling Teal'c 3.Oblivious Daniel 4.Humour 5.Happy ending.
Restrictions: 1.No AU 2.No Kid!fic

Notes: Set late in Season 5. Many thanks to Mare, Barb and AnnO for the beta.

Transparent by Cowardly Lion
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Title:  Fireworks
Author: [personal profile] lilyleia78
Summary: They forgot the rest of the world existed outside their small haven. That, it turned out, may have been a mistake
Word Count: 1296
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own Jack or Daniel ::pouts:: or anything else you recognize
Written For: [profile] captainlogic
Prompt: 1. on base/earth bound  2. humour
Optional Request: nice high rating would be good, but pref not aliens made them do it.:)
Notes:  was so nervous about my first ficathon that I wrote 3 stories.  The other two were longer and smuttier, but the consensus was that this had the most humor.  I hope captainlogic and everyone else enjoys it.  ::frets nervously::

"I see fireworks, Jack"


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