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Title: Not to eat
Author: [personal profile] melime 
“Well, they did call us ‘not-food’ so I think we’re safe.”
While on a mission, the SG-1 team finds an alien species that looks a lot like orcs, and Jack isn't sure if they can be trusted when they say they don't see the team as food.
Word Count: 1916
Rating: G
Disclaimer: don't own
Written For: [personal profile] rivulet027 
Prompt: banter and literary/comic book reference, optional Jack's clone from Fragile Balance
Notes: Thank you to my beta feygrim!

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Title: "Firelight"
Author: [personal profile] magnavox_23
Character/Pairing: Jack /Daniel
Rating: NC-17
Notes: I ended up writing three stories from [personal profile] princessofgeeks  for the 2015 J/D ficathon (this being the second), but I felt this story did not fit the prompts well enough, so wrote another story for that challenge. All my gratitude and love to [personal profile] eilidh17 for the beta. <3

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Author: Princess of Geeks -- [personal profile] princessofgeeks
Summary: Finding a society of Amazons prompts surprising revelations.
Word Count: 7000
Rating: NC 17
Disclaimer: I promise to put them back the way I found them. Maybe a little mussed.
Written For: Topaz Owl
Prompt: First time with a man for both. Starts on an unfriendly planet covered with trees.

Notes: Thanks to JD Junkie for hand-holding and encouragement, and for Paian, co-admin, for just everything. Also: Sid, we miss you. Thank you for all the stories and for your irrepressible presence.

Link to story on Dreamwidth

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Fic: Loved

Jul. 26th, 2015 11:03 pm
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Title: Loved
Author: [personal profile] magnavox_23
Summary: One buddy just happen to stick his tongue down the other buddy’s throat not five minutes ago for some as yet unexplained reason, resulting in the saving of the other buddy’s life, and said buddy kinda liked it, hell, liked it a lot, but that’s ok, they’re used to strange stuff happening offworld.
Word Count: 2771
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Free porn to a good home.
Written For: [personal profile] princessofgeeks
Prompy i) First time ii) Something on a mission makes Jack willing to approach daniel romantically/intimately. Optional request: NC-17
Notes: I admit I had some trouble strickly adhering to this prompt, therefor I ended up writting two and a half stories. This is the third and final. I will post the other complete one at some point also once it is polished a little more. Big thanks and smoochy kisses to [personal profile] eilidh17 for the beta and putting up with my attrocious understanding of the English language. Manip at the end of fic. <3

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Title: A Weekend of Surprises
Author: jackdanielforev
Summary: Jack surprises Daniel with a weekend-trip to another planet.
Word Count: 4422
Rating: NC-17 (m/m graphic sex)
Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment only and not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
Written For: paian
Prompt: Requirements: 1. A nice dinner out at a restaurant 2. A surprise Optional: It would be nice if the surprise were NOT an engagement ring or a marriage proposal, NOR Jack's retirement announcement. Restriction: No character bashing.
Notes: Thanks to my sister Sonya for beta'ing! Also huge thanks to you guys for letting me participate despite signing up way late!

Link to fic on AO3

I need these tags:

writtenfor: paian
author: jackdanielforev
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Title: Lagoon
Author: [ profile] goth_clark
Summary: While running from a hostile force off world, Jack stops to take a swim?
Word Count: 1,900
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing
Written For: [ profile] rivulet027
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: 1. playful Jack 2. grumpy Daniel Optional Request: non-SG movie reference. Restriction #1: no character bashing Restriction #2: no non-con
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] danceswithgary for the beta, and to [ profile] rivulet027 for the prompts. This was much fun to write.

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Title: (Don't) Look at the Princess
Author: [ profile] melayneseahawk
Summary: It began with an alien princess.
Word Count: 1285 words
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written For: [ profile] lilyleia78
Prompt: Requirements: happy ending; marriage of convenience; Optional Request: needlessly-jealous!Daniel (not of Sam); Restrictions: heavy kink, total AU
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] princessofg and [ profile] muck_a_luck for beta services and title suggestions, respectively. Nerd points to you, dear reader, if you get the title reference.

( (Don't) Look at the Princess | PG | 1285 words | complete )

Feedback is better than chocolate.
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Title: Ordinary is All Perspective
Author: [ profile] maab_connor
Summary: Daniel really will be happier knowing that Jack never got down on one knee to propose.
Word Count: ~5k
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own SG-1, if I did it would still be on the air and we would have canon slash… and naked wrestling in blue jell-o, nach.
Written For: [ profile] green_grrl
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: 1. first time 2. DADT addressed Optional Request: "forced to marry" Restriction #1: J or D UST/ship with anyone else (other than their wives) Restriction #2: unhappy ending
Notes: this started as a pinch hit – and as I understand it this is now a bonus. Wheeeee, bonus! Also amazingly huge thanks to my two betas [ profile] catspaw_sgjd who stepped in and performed a Herculean task of betaing a fic at the last minute and while jet-lagged. You are my hero. And [ profile] ladymorgana13 who has now betaed another fic that’s not in her fandom. The limits of friendship, I test them. You two both rock super hardcore.

”Ordinary )
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Title: Water
Author: kuonji 
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill
Pairings: Jack/Daniel preslash
Category: alien ritual
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: none 
Words: ~2150
Summary: Water was a metaphor for life.  It nourished the body.  It flowed like blood.  Daniel... notices.  And Jack enjoys himself.

A/N: For Cowardly Lion, who wanted schmoopless romance and an offworld epiphany.  Many many many apologies for being late.  Real life, angst, trashed first draft, blah blah (rolls excuses into a ball and drops outside).  Anyway, here it is.  I sincerely hope it was worth the wait. :)

A/N: Thanks to [personal profile] melayneseahawkfor once again having the patience and organization to put this ficathon together.  Please check out the Master List for J/D Ficathon 2009.

Water )
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Title: Not a Public Service Announcement
Author: [ profile] muck_a_luck, posting in [ profile] brainofck
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Daniel is out. Jack is not. And yet Daniel still has a secret.
Content/warnings: Trangender issues, with attempted treatment by a straight woman who has never had a transgender thought in her life. Hopefully, I pulled off something remotely real and readable.
Words: 3,715
Written for: [ profile] prehistoric_sea
Disclaimer: If anybody is planning a script like this for SG-1, I'm certainly not going to claim any rights to it. However, I'd be delighted to work in a co-writing/consulting/first-reader/advisory-type capacity, with my fee to be negotiated at that time. :D
Archive rights: Absolutely none. My journals only. [ profile] muck_a_luck and [ profile] brainofck
Beta: Many thanks to [ profile] melayneseahawk for her quick beta and encouragement to revisit certain issues.

Not a Public Service Announcement
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Title: loosing the chimera
Author: [ profile] green_grrl
Summary: Sometimes dreams are what keeps us from waking up.
Word Count: 5,781
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my show, just my imagination.
Written For: [ profile] melayneseahawk
Prompt: Requirements: established relationship; Sam finds out about Jack/Daniel and has a realistic negative response. Optional request: NC-17 bottom!Jack. Restrictions: no Sam-bashing; no effete!Daniel.
Notes: Sam/Jack UST, Sam/Cam, Jack/Daniel. References events from Divide and Conquer through The Ark of Truth (and hints of SGA season 4). Many, many thanks to [ profile] princessofgeeks for her alpha and beta reads, and cheerleading, and to [ profile] muck_a_luck and [ profile] theemdash for their advice. A J/D remix follows.

loosing the chimera (DW link)

loosing the chimera (LJ link)
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Title: Thinking Things Through
Author: Jai
Summary: Jack thinks through a quiet mission.
Word Count: 1748
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Written For: [ profile] karitawyr
Prompt: First Time, Banter. Op: Action/Adventure.
Notes: I thought I wasn't going to get this done today! I ended up being away all weekend and I was three quarters through. Ugh. So I wrote like a mad thing, and here it is! I hope hope hope this is good enough! It's not very Action/Adventure-y, but this didn't want to go that way. I apologise for my love of weird stylistic things. Also, introspective Jack is introspective.

Thinking Things Through )
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 Title: The Things We Couldn’t Say
Author: [ profile] padfootthegrim AKA Gypsy Lupin-Black AKA Merrov
Summary: They’re both terrible communicators, when it comes to their relationship. Daniel knows this, accepts this. One insomnia filled night he decided that he should update his will, and perhaps do something about their communication issues.
Word Count: 3,077
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate. If I did, they probably wouldn’t be suitable for general consumption.
Written For: [ profile] writinginct
Prompt: Daniel decides to update his will, shortly after he and Jack get together. No offworlding in the fic. New established relationship.
Notes: Special thanks to Mirthxx, Jayne Perry, Barcardicider, Welsh_Nikki and AtlantisJackson for the betas and readthroughs. Extra special thanks to Mirthxx for bouncing ideas with me and helping with the letter, it wouldn’t be nearly this good without her input. A particular part of this fic is a nod to a very talented writer, who unfortunately is no longer in the fandom.



Fic: The Things We Couldn't Say )


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Title: Got 'im
Author: [ profile] tresa_cho
Beta: [ profile] brilligspoons
Summary: A trip off-world is disastrously jynxed by Jack being unable to keep his mouth shut.
Word Count: 3,871
Rating: PG-13; for sci-fi violence and intense situations
Disclaimer: do not own, if did own, would be making tons of money
Written For: [ profile] kayra42

Two (2) Requirements:
1. before s6
2. offworld team story with established J/D
Optional Request: Daniel gets hurt but still saves the team
Restriction #1: schmoop
Restriction #2: character death

Notes: Thanks a bunch to [ profile] brilligspoons for stepping up to beta this. I apologize for the shallow feel to the story, there seems to be a deeper background that I wasn't able to tap into for this fic. Perhaps another day when the boys co-operate... I hope this fits your prompt, at least!

Got 'im )
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Title: A Message Too Intimate
Author: Fia Reynne
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Summary: Daniel is certainly no Roxane, but that doesn't stop Jack from attempting to play Cyrano.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, they'd be out of uniform more than they're in it.
Notes: This was written for [ profile] rivulet027 for the 2008 J/D ficathon, with apologies for being so disgustingly late.

A kiss is a message too intimate for the ear, infinity captured in the bee's brief visit to a flower, secular communication with an aftertaste of heaven, the pulse rising from the heart to utter its name on a lover's lip: 'Forever.' )
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Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Title: Head of the House
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: R
Word Count: 2626

Summary: When Jack and Daniel are on a planet waiting for Sam and Teal’c to return, Daniel misunderstands something, and Jack uses it to his advantage.

A/Ns & Warnings: For the Jack/Daniel Ficathon, for [Bad username or site: ”writinginct” @]’s prompt: 1. J&D teaching alien children something fun 2. mistranslation of alien word with humorous results. Beta'd on the run by [ profile] kristinholt

Daniel ducked into the building, with Jack following. In the center of the room was a tub filled with steaming water.
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Title: He Said What?
Author: lds
Beta: The always helpful Kerensa, except for the last part which is unbeta'd
Summary: Friendly aliens who are open to sharing technology, what is ther catch?
Word Count: ~4200
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own everything! No wait. I own nothing, MGM et al own everything, damn it! In fact given the amount of Stargate stuff I own, they have a serious chunk of what little money I did have at one point.
Written For: [ profile] princessofg
Prompt: 1. Any season, any rating, first-time or est. Rel. 2. Offworld adventure leads to some sort of outing or "busted" event.
Optional Request: Argument or conflict over these events between Our Heroes.
Restriction #1: No gratuitous Sam-bashing. Restriction #2: No cutting or bloodplay.
Notes: I don't know whether I should apologize for my tardiness or for the story because I not sure if it's what you were looking for. My first attempt evolved into a tale that won't be finished till this time next year and didn't want to leave you empty handed.

(He Said What?)
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Title: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral aka Not A Transporter
Author: kuonji
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, (Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Janet Frasier, George Hammon)
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Category: Jack/Daniel first time, humor, transformation
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Jack/Daniel Ficathon 2008 (sugarsbadhabit's request)
Spoilers: vague for "The Nox", "Maternal Instinct"
Words: ~3340
Summary: Later, Jack would blame the eye-roll.

A/N: This is for the 2008 J/D Ficathon, hosted by [personal profile] melayneseahawk.  My ficwritee was [personal profile] sugarsbadhabit, who requested transformation but not animal!fic.  This is what I came up with.

Link to my LJ: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral aka Not A Transporter
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Title: Even Your Darkest Night
Author: jd_junkie
Summary: When Daniel needs him, Jack is there ... through his darkest night.
Word Count: 6,226
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, wish they were.
Written For: [personal profile] sorcha_gaia
Prompt: Daniel hurt/comfort. Slow-acting poison. Optional request , Earth-bound. No death of major character or underage shenanigans.
Notes: Heartfelt thanks to my wonderful, no-nonsense and extremely tolerant betas, [personal profile] starting_gate and [profile] sidlj. Extra thanks to [profile] princessofg for the much-needed hand-holding when I was coughing up ridiculous hairballs over it all.
Warning: Religious content.

Posted in two parts.

Part II is here



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Title: The Twelfth Hour
Author: [personal profile] cirisse
Summary: Daniel stumbles upon a mugging.
Word Count: 5000ish
Rating: mild NC-17 (M/M sex, violence – but not at the same time)
Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate Productions, SCI FI Channel, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. Please don’t sue!
Written For: [profile] kuonji14
Two (2) Requirements: 1. teenager(s) 2. Clichés or quote "What do you think?"
Optional Request: I've always wanted to read a fic where Jack and/or
Daniel adopt teenage kids, or adopted kids who have grown up to be
teenagers, so if that can be managed I would be very happy. I don't
care about the set-up, but I would prefer not too much sap and no sad
Restriction #1: no character-bashing
Restriction #2: any homophobic or gay pride themes
Notes: I believe I got at least 4 requirements/requests in; teenager, clichés, adoption and the quote. And I tried my best to not overdo the sap – but a little might have slipped through. And thanks to Nemisis for encouraging me to keep on going even when I got really discouraged.


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