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Title: Ship Happens
Author: [personal profile] magnavox_23 
Summary: Two men stuck in a ship together, etcetera..
Word Count: 1813
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Jack & Daniel are MGM's playthings, I just smoosh 'em together sometimes.
Written For: [personal profile] theemdash 
Prompt: Requirement (#1): Season 8
Requirement (#2): Jack is totally in love with Daniel, but is in charge of the SGC.
Optional Request: In a recent rewatch, I noticed Daniel is basically the 2IC during Season 8—lots of walk-and-talks with Jack. I'd love a fic that explores and acknowledges that dynamic and its difficulties. And/or has an off-world mission Jack has to go on. ;)
Notes: Feels to [personal profile] eilidh17  for the beta and strg8g33k for the encouragement. <3
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Title: The Waiting Room (on AO3)
Author:[personal profile] mific
Summary: Jack's seriously injured off-world. Daniel tries to care for him but the hospital they've been taken to is primitive, there's no rescue in sight, and the morphine's running out.
Word count: 2747
Rating: R
Warnings: no AO3 warnings apply
Written for:[personal profile] magickmoons
Prompt: Wanted were 'Off-world hospital' and 'hurt/comfort'. Non-canon character bashing and high school/college AUs were restrictions. 
Notes:  Set at the end of season 8, before Jack leaves SG1. Thanks to Punk and Elaiel for beta help - much appreciated!
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Title: President Allen
Author: [personal profile] melime 
Summary: The day Mackenzie Allen is sworn in as the President of the United States, she learns about the Stargate Program, and that becomes her first priority. However, a visit to the Alpha Site places both the president and O'Neill in danger.
Word Count: 1605
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: not mine, although I really wish it was
Written For: [personal profile] alobear 
Requirement (#1): Team fic - set any time up to Season 10
Requirement (#2): Established relationship that the team knows about
Optional Request: Crossover with any other fandom that is set at the same time
Restriction (#1): No character death
Restriction (#2): No explicit sex
Notes: crossover with Commander in Chief, but you don't need to know the series to read
Read it on AO3.
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Title: Happy Birthday To Us on AO3
Author:[personal profile] mific
Summary: It's Daniel's birthday, and Jack might have made a big mistake on the present front. Or has he?
Word count: 2430
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: no AO3 warnings apply.
Disclaimer: No harm, no foul.
Written for: [personal profile] riverfox 
Prompt: 'Daniel's birthday'
Notes: Here's some cheerful birthday-related porn. FWIW, I guess it's set about in the middle of series 8, which is where I'm up to on my watch-through.
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Title: "What You Wish For"
Summary: Ancient artifact, Jack's gene, Season 8, what could go wrong?
Word count: 2,000
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written for: [personal profile] riverfox
Prompt: Adventure, rescue, discovery

Link to story on Dreamwidth

(AO3 link coming soon)
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Written for: [personal profile] badfalcon

Summary: Daniel's been trapped on Tegalus for weeks, and when he gets back, Jack is pretty much desperate.

Words: 3600

Rating: NC 17

Link to fic
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Title: Making Memories of Us
Author: [personal profile] antares_dw
Rating: PG-13
Season: End of season 8
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements: 1. Tension 2. Intimacy
Optional Request: Jack does not become the head of Homeworld Security after all.
Restriction #1: No Daniel/Vala of any kind
Written for: [personal profile] paian
Summary: Daniel reads something in the newspaper and Jack has a lot of explaining to do.
Beta: Many, many thanks to my beta [personal profile] ivorygates who did so much for this story! Thank you!
Warnings: None
Word count: ca 5000


Making Memories of Us )

Link to AO3:
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Title: It's Good to Be General
Author: [ profile] green_grrl
Summary: As leader of the SGC, Jack doesn't get offworld often enough, but this mission he's sure as hell taking.
Word Count: 3,531
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just playing with them.
Written For: [ profile] theemdash
Two (2) Requirements:
1. First time
2. Mission in progress
Optional Request: awkward or angry if feelings are expressed (angst ok)
Restriction #1: no partner betrayal
Restriction #2: no pre-s4

Notes: Late season 8. References to Seth, The Curse, Icon, Covenant, Sacrifices, Endgame, Prometheus Unbound, It's Good to be King, and Atlantis: Rising.

on Dreamwidth
on Livejournal
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title The Next Best Thing to Playing and Winning
author Redd
written for [ profile] melayneseahawk
rating NC-17
spoilers takes place immediately after the very end of "Moebius"
summary There's fish in Jack's pond, he's taking a job in Washington, and everything else is going pear-shaped.
disclaimer MGM own them.
note thanks to my betas (Rae, Meg, & Nattie), any mistakes still in this story are all on me. I tried to fit in the optional request, but the muses wouldn't cooperate. I hope you enjoy the rest, though.

Two (2) Requirements:
1. NC-17 with bottom!Jack
2. A secret revealed
Optional Request: post-series
Restriction #1: no AMTDI
Restriction #2: no character bashing

(every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart)
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It’s a Kirk and Spock Thing
By Lokei
For the 2010 Jack/Daniel Ficathon
Written for Green_Grrl

Prompts: smart, military man Jack, and “doubles”
Rating: PG-13 (they insisted on fade-to-black, annoying boys)
Beta by the glorious PrincessofGeeks
Wordcount: 10,900
Summary: Spock: Where would you estimate we belong, Miss Keeler?
Edith Keeler: You? At his side, as if you've always been there and always will.

~ “The City on the Edge of Forever” ST:TOS

= = = = = =

Jack kept from pacing through concerted effort only. He had been a general for long enough that it was ridiculous that it still felt like a mere handful of weeks, he was convinced he had only one hair follicle left that wasn’t gray, and right now he had a sense of impending catastrophe and four teams out in the field. Of those four, SG’s four, seven, and eleven had all checked in recently without issues. Which left lucky number one, of course. Jack just knew he shouldn’t have gotten up this morning. He didn’t know what was about to go wrong with SG-1, but he was convinced to his twitching toes that it was going to be a doozy. After all, he hadn’t had a near disaster in what, three days?

The klaxons blared and he raised an eyebrow as the tech identified SG-1’s IDC.

“Bring them home,” Jack said mildly, heading down to the gateroom, reminding himself not to hold his breath. Hammond never looked like he was holding his breath. Jack had to remember to ask him how he did that.

He squinted at the surface of the wormhole as SG-1 started piling through. It looked fine as Carter, and then Teal’c strode calmly down the ramp, but then seemed to pulsate and turn just ever so slightly brighter before resuming its normal appearance as Daniel came through just seconds behind the others.

Jack scowled as the wormhole snapped off.

“Carter, report. What the hell happened out there?”

Read the rest on DW here.
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Title: A Kiss Worth Waiting For
Author: [ profile] starglyph
Summary: Introspective, late-bloomer Jack. Humor, first time, takes place post-Threads 8.18. What if he'd been wrong, and all the dancing they'd been doing around each other was really just Jack dancing with himself?
Word Count: 10,800 [Too long for LJ; posted only at DW for the time being]
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters owned by others; will put them back when we’re done playing.
Written For: [ profile] captainlogic
Prompt: First time, post series 7 so either with Jack as head of SGC or as Homeland Sec. but Jack no longer leader of SG-1. Optional Request: NC-17. Restriction #1: No Sam bashing.
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] jdjunkie and [ profile] green_grrl for both the beta and for watching my six.

A Kiss Worth Waiting For

Now also available to read on LJ, in two linked parts: A Kiss Worth Waiting For
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Title: It's Good to Be the General
Author: [ profile] melayneseahawk
Summary: "So, I've always had a fantasy."
Word Count: 1122 words
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: So not mine.
Written For: [ profile] sidlj
Prompt:Requirements: Season 8, established relationship

Optional Request: Steaming hot sex. *g* I'll take humor, angst, h/c, whatever the muse shows you... or a thousand words of steaming hot sex would be okay, too. ;-)
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] theemdash for being a sounding board. I literally scrapped my fic and started over at 6p, so this is unbeta-ed.

(It's Good to Be the General | NC-17 | 1122 words | complete)

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