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Title: The Cry of Eagles

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Primus Pilus Ionnas Joachim Aquila, the leader of the First Legion returns to his home city of Rubrifontes after a hard campaign in Brittania. All he wants is to rest and recoup. But a gift from an old friend turns his world upside down.

Word count:

NC-17 (graphic m/m sex)

Not mine, because if they were I would cover them in chocolate and lick them until I was sick.

Written for:[personal profile] gategremlyn

Two (2) Requirements:
1. Alternate timeline, alternate universe or historical AU
2. One character angry at the other.
Optional Request: Rain
Restriction #1: No Death fic
Restriction #2: No kink

Warnings: Explicit Slash, Some talk of historical slavery. I have played fast and loose with historical fact, Latin and the geography of the Roman Empire all in the name of authors licence, although I did do some research. There are a couple of lines in the final section you will all recognise from 5:19 ‘Menace’.
Notes: Many, many thanks to annejack who as always was the consumate beta, editor, and pom-pom waving cheerleader. So virtual chocs, kittens and champagne go to her for her love and patience. Also thanks to gategremlyn for a great prompt. I think I got everything in you wanted, along with a few manips and pics I did for lolz. I hope you enjoy it :D

At my Wordpress under the 'Fanfiction:One shots' menu.The Cry of Eagles
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Title: Waiting and Hoping
Author: Rivulet027
Summary: It’s never the right time to try for them. After returning from Accession Daniel decides he’s tired of waiting for the right time
Word Count:1215
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Stargate. It’s not my toy box and I’m merely playing.
Written For: [personal profile] gategremlyn
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:
1. Jack and Daniel fight on a mission
2. find something of value
Optional Request: NID
Restriction #1: no kink
Restriction #2: no unhappy ending
Notes: The first scene takes place after the season one epi “Cold Lazarus” and the second scene takes place after Daniel has been brought back to life in S7. Also I hope you don’t mind the something of value being each other.

Waiting and Hoping: )
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Title: Memories of You
Author: rivulet027
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1133
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm merely playing.
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Written For: GateGremlyn
Prompt: Two (2) Requirements:1. hurt/comfort 2. post-Descension or post-"Shroud"
Optional Request: offworld
Restriction #1: no character bashing
Restriction #2: N/A
Summary: Daniel’s memories return slowly and sporadically. When he remembers him and Jack he wants answers.
A/N: A huge thank you to angel_negra for all the encouragement. It was very much appreciated! And thank you for the title as well! Also thanks to midnightclarity for taking a look at the final product.

Memories of You: )


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